Childlike and childlike

Childlike and childlike

The aging of life is irresistible, and a mature old man should pursue childlikeness and keep his spirit young.

If the child is not old, he will be happy and forget the worry. I don’t know that the old is coming, which has extended my youth and life invisibly.

The elderly keep a small heart, can communicate their feelings with children, and make themselves live a happy and happy, get rid of suffocation, and have great significance for rejuvenation.

A child is not old, he will be full of vitality, life is full of happiness, there will be a spiritual world forever young.

Pursuing childlikeness is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Shakespeare’s succinct words on this physiological phenomenon: “The second child of the elderly.”

There used to be a saying: “The old and the young are close.” When the old days were auspicious, the banner of “children’s words and ignorance” was often posted on the door, and the old and the small were linked together. Therefore, the word “old and small” was used.

  Lu You, a patriotic poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, was 85 years old.

The reason why he has this high life, in addition to health and well-being, more importantly, he has a childlike heart.

“When it’s time to go out, let’s take a ride.

“From this poem, it is not rough, Lu You went to the old age, and often played games with his grandchildren on horses and horses.

Mr. Lu Xun once reminded us: “To learn children, the child is admirable. He often thinks of the realm above the stars and moons, thinks about the posture below the ground, thinks about the use of flowers, thinks of the language of insects; he wants to fly into the sky, he wantsWant to sneak into the ant hole.” Lu Xun believes that “game is the most legitimate behavior of children, toys are children’s angels.”

This fully demonstrates his understanding of children and his eternal childlike heart.

The pursuit of childlikeness in the elderly is a good thing for health. Modern medical research shows that the elderly maintain a childlike heart, carefree, and often open, can secrete a variety of beneficial hormones, such as enzymes, acetylcholine.Etc., these substances can regulate the life of blood vessels, blood flow, metabolism, nerve excitement and inhibition to the best state, thereby promoting metabolism, enhancing disease resistance, and achieving longevity.

  So, how can the elderly be childlike and happy?

  I often remember childhood.

Older people experience the gradual and aging of the years, the recent memory becomes faded, and the clearest memory is often the childhood.

Therefore, the elderly do not hinder the frequent recall of childhood childhood hide-and-seek, kite flying or go out to play and other fun things, can make the child’s heart re-emerge, feel comfortable and refreshed.

  More friends.

The old man likes the children’s words and demeanor, likes to play and play with the children, and Dazhi is foolish, and he is a good way to keep himself childlike.

The elderly will relive the childhood time again and again from the child’s demeanor and speech, so that the soul will become a great comfort, thus creating a sense of cherish for the life of old age, cherish this infinitely beautiful “twilight”,Inspire a positive mentality.

The laughter and laughter of the children can make the old people feel young, which can eliminate the psychological depression of the elderly, dispel the troubles of the elderly, reduce loneliness and loneliness, and increase interest.

  Regular reading of childhood books.

Fairytales fables are simple, but people often realize deep philosophies and sense of humor after reading.

Therefore, the elderly often read fairytale fables, replacing each other’s interest in capturing childhood life, but also cultivate sentiment and enrich life. In a happy smile, all fatigue and troubles are eliminated in the words, so that the elderlyLife is full of confidence and gradually becomes lively and cheerful, which is good for health and longevity.

  More pursuit of fashion.

Advancing with the times, the children’s interest in the elderly is also manifested in the pursuit of fashion, such as engaging in “old fashion”, makeup and beauty, catching up with the tide, chatting online, coming to the dusk to make up wedding photos, and holding hands before the flowersKissing the face, making up a token, etc. are very beneficial to the physical health of the elderly.

  It is a pity that some people are not used to causing the phenomenon. They do not understand it. They think that this is an “old and unfair.”

At present, the party and the government have attached great importance to the establishment of laws and regulations to protect the elderly. At the same time, they must also vigorously advocate the new civilization and understand filial piety. People should not lose sight of the “old children” who are childlike and happy.To accept these “old children.”

As long as one pursues childlike interest and maintains a childlike heart, one can maintain youthful vitality.

Then we can make a healthy and happy life play colorful movements, such as the richness of autumn chrysanthemum, the splendour of autumn, the fullness of autumn, and the infiniteness of autumn light.

This is also the best way to keep in good health.