[Fruit Prone to Fat]_Fruit_Fat_Type

[Fruit Prone to Fat]_Fruit_Fat_Type

Although fruits contain more vitamins and various nutrients, don’t think that eating more fruits will not cause the body to become fat, because there are many kinds of fruits in our common fruits, and the variety is very high.

There are many kinds of fruits that can easily make the body fat, such as bananas, watermelons, grapes, persimmons, etc. Fruits also need to be consumed in moderation. Excessive consumption will only cause a burden on the body.

Fatty fruit grapes-One grape contains 140 calories, and the fruit is considered to contain high-calorie fruits, especially Jufeng is three times as much as ordinary grapes.

White melon—A small white melon contains 300 calories, and a thin slice contains 38 calories.

Sweet fruit juice contains a lot of sugar, which is especially forbidden to eat at night.

Banana—A banana contains 100 calories.

Watermelon — It’s high in sugar, it absorbs quickly, and it’s easy to starve, so it’s not suitable for diet. A large piece of watermelon contains 50 calories.

Cantaloupe—Half a piece of cantaloupe contains 35 calories. Although the calories are not high, the CI is high and do not eat seeds.

Oranges-A large orange contains 62 calories, which is equivalent to three large cucumbers.

And the GI is very high, it is the representative fruit that is easy to gain weight. Fruit oranges-a large orange contains only 100 calories, and contains high vitamins, which is good for health.

Green Apple-A large green apple is generally 120 calories, especially low in sugar, which is good for weight loss.

Eating apples in the morning can promote gastric secretion and help digestion.

And eating apples at night, easy stomach.

Kiwi-Contains 30 calories, low GI, so worry about gaining weight.

Rich in vitamins, good for constipation.

Persimmon-contains a lot of potassium, which is especially beneficial to people with obese legs. Ordinary large persimmons contain 100 calories.

Virgin fruit-30 Virgin fruit have only 40 calories. Don’t worry about getting fat if you eat more.

Pear-A pear is equal to 25 calories and its conversion is very low compared to its size.

People with poor stomachs often eat pear juice, which will help improve gastrointestinal function.