Hot summer – what should I eat?

Hot summer – what should I eat?

In summer, the human body’s qi and blood astringent body surface, diet should be focused on heat and heat, spleen and qi.

The hot summer stimuli cause the nerve center to be in a state of tension, digestive weakening, appetite not open, and poor appetite.

Eat lighter, less digestible foods.

Fruits and vegetables can not be less, both nutrition and heat.


Duck eggs make up the summer custom, and eat eggs in summer, called “Summer”, so that people will not lose weight in summer, do not lose weight, strength and strength, work hard.

Salty duck eggs are rich in calcium, iron and other inorganic salts. They contain calcium and iron. They are higher than eggs and fresh duck eggs. They are the first choice for calcium and iron in summer.


The lotus seed raises the heart and the heart is the summer season. At this time, the heart is the most vulnerable, and the heat is easy to be irritated and sad, and it is easy to hurt.

Although the taste of lotus seed core is bitter, it can be clear heart fire, it is the best product to nourish the heart and calm the nerves, and it can also strengthen the stomach.


The octopus blood octopus has the effect of nourishing blood and qi, treating ulcers and swollen poison.

It is rich in nutrients such as protein and minerals, and it also needs to overcome anti-fatigue, anti-aging, and can extend human life and other important health care factors – natural taurine.

Most people can eat, especially suitable for weak constitution, lack of blood, malnourished people to eat.


Strawberry detoxification is the season of strawberry production.

Edible strawberries can promote the formation of human cells, maintain the normal function of teeth, bones, blood vessels, muscles and promote wound healing, enhance the body’s resistance, and also detoxification.

Strawberry contains a variety of organic acids, fruit acids and pectin substances, which can decompose trace amounts in food, promote the secretion and perfusion of digestive juices, and eliminate excess crystals and harmful heavy metals.


Lettuce aerated lettuce contains a large amount of plant cellulose, can promote intestinal wall peristalsis, Tongli digestive tract, can treat constipation, is the best food for patients with anemia.

Recommended houttuynia lettuce.

It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, dampness and dampness.


In the anti-cancer mushroom protein of the straw mushroom, the human body has eight essential amino acids, and the content is high, accounting for 38% of the amino acid content.

2%, can inhibit the growth of vitamins, especially for the treatment of digestive tract tumors, can strengthen the vitality of liver and kidney.


The various nutrients required by the human body in pea-clear peas, especially rich in high-quality protein, can improve the body’s disease resistance and recovery ability.

The potential crude fiber in pea beans can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, keep the stool smooth, and thus clean the function of the large intestine.


Eggplant is resistant to the human body in the summer, and contains vitamin E in eggplant. It has the function of preventing bleeding and anti-aging. Eating eggplant can delay the aging of the human body.

Eggplant is one of the few purple vegetables. It is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P in its purple skin, which cannot be replaced by other vegetables.