In autumn and winter, women should not forget this!

In autumn and winter, women should not forget this!

The double eleven pairs of twelve shopping festivals are coming, is your family’s foot bath barrel good?

Don’t misunderstand, the article is not to buy a foot bath in Amway, but to remind you that you should not forget to soak your feet.

The weather is dry every day, the temperature is low every day, people are lacking, so use hot water bubble feet, both to relieve fatigue and help sleep.

Women are usually easy to cold hands and feet, hot water soaked feet can change the local blood circulation, drive out the cold, promote the body’s metabolism, and ultimately achieve the purpose of health care.

The foot bath time should not be too long, it is best to control within 30 minutes, 20 minutes is appropriate, after the end of the foot bath, it is best to use emollient products to keep the skin a certain amount of moisture.

The water temperature of the foot bath should not be too high, so as to increase the blood supply burden of important organs such as heart, brain and kidney, which is not good for the body.

In the choice of bathing time, it is necessary to avoid soaking feet in the state of fullness, excess or eating. Soaking your feet immediately after eating will affect digestion and absorption. In the long run, it will lead to lack of nutrition, so it is best to take one hour after meal.After soaking feet.

After you have finished your feet, you should not be able to sleep immediately. After the body heat is slowly lowered, you will get better after going to sleep.

Obviously, the menstrual period of women is complicated. It is not recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine to soak feet. You should listen to the doctor’s advice. In addition, women in pregnancy should not soak their feet.

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