Moisture is not removed, winter is sad, do 4 daily, 4 before going to bed, the body is healthier

Moisture is not removed, winter is “sad”, do “4 daily, 4 before going to bed”, the body is healthier

I believe many people know that moisture is a very sticky garbage, easy to survive in the body, and often also caused many diseases.

Well, we understand the moisture, but we can’t start, or do it, and the effect is very small. Many people will quit halfway.

In fact, dampness is a protracted war. If you want to get rid of moisture, you can only come slowly and persist.

In autumn and winter, the humidity is heavy. From these 3 points, the first point: climbing stairs, legs and feet are weak. Under normal circumstances, when the legs and feet are weak, many people will think that with trace elements and minerals, the thought is to be tonic.Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, after the summer consumption, the body becomes “weak”, and often does not take the weakness of the legs and feet as a big event.

However, in fact, the weakness of the legs and feet is also related to the weight of moisture, especially in the case of fear of 7 layers or less, and more to “measure” the amount of moisture in the body!

Frequently, the legs and feet are weak when climbing stairs. It is likely that the moisture is heavy, the temper is injured, and all the kidneys are damaged. No matter which one will cause weakness in the legs and feet.

Moreover, it is necessary to know that moisture is easy to bet, so that it accumulates in the legs and legs. Once the moisture is heavy, the legs and feet are most affected, and the legs and feet are weak.

The second point: the calf is filled with “water”, and the elephant legs become serious in others, especially in the eyes of the elders. The thick legs are good, and the so-called walking is stable.

However, the thick legs are often faced with lengthy pants and no confidence in wearing a skirt.

And, every time I hear someone say your elephant’s leg, it is a serious blow to people’s confidence and more inferiority.

However, there are many ways to use it. It is not running or eating diet pills, and there is no big effect.

Later, I realized that it was moisture in the ghosts, prolonged the damage to the internal organs of the body, and the metabolism of the body decreased. The uncles inside the eating machine were not metabolized and accumulated in the body; instead of being a bet, the legs survived.”Odema” looks like a big circle.

The third point: Take off your shoes and take a breath of air. Have you ever wondered why public places restrict slippers?

I think there must be a reason to be afraid of athlete’s foot.

The weight of the athlete’s foot is indeed an “embarrassing” thing, unlike the body odor, after spraying the perfume, you can cover up all day.

The more the athlete’s foot can’t, the more often it is accompanied by itching, long blisters and so on.

As everyone knows, athlete’s foot is related to the abnormality of the liver detoxification system, but also related to heavy moisture and spleen weakness.

Because the body is rich in water, the body is afraid of “drown”, then racking the brain drain, then the pores are one of the channels.

Therefore, there will be situations in which the feet love to sweat and the athlete’s foot is heavy.

In the autumn and winter season, do 4 things everyday, dry, and healthier!

The first one: Whenever we need to protect our heads, we all know that the head is very important and very fragile. Therefore, after we are sensible, when we encounter “violent incidents”, we will first protect our heads and some kind of ball.Come over, things fall and wait.

Visible, the essence of the head, therefore, protect the right side whenever you want.

Because the head is “the sink of all the sun”, especially its Baihui point.

Once the moisture enters the body along the lily, it consumes a lot of yang, the body’s resistance is weak, and the moisture is suffocating, which may cause headache, dizziness, and spit.

Therefore, these 4 points should be done: no more than 9 o’clock in the evening and do not wash your hair when you get up early, do not bring wet hair to sleep.

It is best to wash your hair in the afternoon, and do not massage the scalp when washing your hair. Immediately after washing, blow dry with a hair dryer.

When you go out, remember to put on your hat and protect your head from being invaded by the cold.

Do more hair combing, promote blood circulation in the head, stimulate the head points.

The second one: Properly strengthen outdoor exercise. If the car will “charge” electricity during driving, then does exercise mean that the body is in a “shifted state”?

Therefore, some people like to compare sports to “charging”, just like a mobile phone, in the case of electricity, it can become a mobile phone. If there is no electricity, it can only be said to be a “brick.”

The body is also like this, so people can’t exercise less.

In addition to “charging”, exercise can also burn and burn, activate cells, speed up metabolism, promote moisture excretion, and prevent moisture from invading the body.

The faster the car is, the more fast it is, and there is still a lot of risk.

Similarly, exercise is also the case, it should be more conducive to body dampness with a gentle and long-lasting exercise mode.

For example: exercise for more than half an hour every day, exercise to the body to sweat slightly.

The third one: drink more tea every day, the coldness gradually strengthens, the dryer the weather, the body is prone to lack of water, and if the body is heavy, it will be thirsty and do not want to drink water. If left unchecked, the body is short of water.Seriously, the damage to the body is more serious.

Therefore, we must drink plenty of water, use water to mobilize the body’s moisture activity, and promote the flow of wet air out of the body.When it comes to drinking water, in addition to boiled water, light tea is also a good choice, and detoxification and dampness, spleen and spleen are more effective.

Light tea water is the first to push the blackgrass roots, and make a cup every day.

Ingredients: Hemp, scorpion, Amomum, licorice, tangerine peel, medlar, musk, coix seed, winter melon, ginseng, red bean, medlar, bergamot and other 20 ingredients.

Prepare the prepared materials in a ratio of 1:1, drink water daily, and the daily dosage should not exceed 10g.

Efficacy: detoxification and dampness, heat and diuretic, spleen and moistening.

In addition, drinks, drinks, etc. are not recommended to drink, completely suffocating, but it is detrimental to health.

The fourth one: a variety of means to stimulate the dampness point Although the massage of the dampness point, for the dampness only promotes the auxiliary effect, but stick to it, harvest a lot.

Chengshan Point is one of the common phlegm points. It is located in many places on the calf. When the feet are cramped, the “inverted triangle” at the back of the calf is raised.

The body’s moisture is heavy, a large part is due to spleen deficiency, but also the body is not enough yang, and Chengshan points and stomach yang qi hub, is the spleen.

Therefore, massage the mountain through a variety of means to stimulate the loss of excess water in the body.

1, the rolling pin with the elliptical oval head, a little force into the acupuncture points, stay for 3 minutes, while gently twirling, place a local sore feeling, pain, you can.

2, moxibustion ignites moxibustion, staying at a distance from the acupoint 1 horizontal position 3?
For 5 minutes, the place has a hot feeling.

3. Ginger will grind the ginger into a foam. After adding a few drops of white wine, apply it to the acupuncture points and seal it with plastic wrap or tape. After a few hours, remove it.

4, the bottle filled with hot water can be filled with hot water glass bottles, plastic bottles and so on at the acupuncture points constantly rolling, using hot air to stimulate the acupuncture points.

In the autumn and winter season, do 4 things before going to bed, dry, and healthier!

The first one: no smoking before going to bed Many people are used to smoking before going to bed, there is a better feeling of falling asleep, in fact, this is a psychological suggestion, does not help sleep, but it is easy to make people excited, affecting the quality of sleep.

In addition, the danger of smoking before going to bed is no less than smoking after a meal, because once a person goes to sleep, the metabolism and blood circulation are gradually slow. At this time, the toxin absorbed by the smoke is easy to accumulate in the body, which is easy to reduce the body immunity and give moisture invade.There is a machine to be awkward.

Therefore, in addition to the usual less smoking, the habit of a cigarette before going to bed is more to quit, both injury and even a fire.

The second one: to stop staying up late at night for many people, the night is quiet, more likely to suffer.

At this time, eating a favorite food is definitely a kind of happiness.

As everyone knows, eating late at night before going to bed not only makes the stomach suffer a lot of pain, but also implicates the spleen, reduces the ability of the spleen to transport water and water, and allows the moisture to stay longer in the body.

At the same time, the body’s metabolic capacity declines at night, making it easier to become obese.

Therefore, for whatever reason, it is indeed a good thing to stop staying up late.

The third one: Before going to bed, leaning against the wall, 90° Many people have the habit of playing mobile phones before going to bed. It is very difficult to quit, but it does not hurt the sleep without affecting sleep.

However, lying in bed playing with a mobile phone, the body is in a relaxed state, it is not conducive to body drainage.

At this time, you can lean your feet in the body, showing 90°, which does not affect the playing of mobile phones, but also promotes blood circulation, strengthens metabolism, promotes dampness, and even stovepipe.

Although this action is very simple, not everyone can do it, but for health, it is necessary to stick to it.

The fourth one: Before going to bed, but excited to want to go back to sleep, people must be in a calm state, therefore, neither physically nor mentally excited.

You must know that once you are excited, your body will be in disorder, and your spleen will not get a better rest. The function will not recover, and you will not be able to drive the moisture out of the body.

Therefore, you can choose to read a book, listen to music, etc. before going to bed, which can alleviate the over-excited mood and make the body calm down, making people more likely to fall asleep.