Recommended for a variety of hyperopia treatments

Recommended for a variety of hyperopia treatments

The hyperopic eye is due to the alignment of the eye axis. When the adjustment state is not used, the parallel light passes through the eye and the main focus falls behind the retina.

So, what are the therapeutic side treatments for hyperopia?

Here are four recommended therapeutic methods for everyone, which is very suitable for patients with presbyopia. It is very effective for long-term adherence.

Four kinds of therapeutic methods for hyperopia: black bean porridge[raw material]black bean, 100 grams of previous rice, 50 grams of floating wheat (immature wheat).

[Practice]Wrap the floating wheat with gauze and boil it with black beans. After the black beans are boiled and flowered, put them into the gauze bag of floating wheat, then add rice porridge and cook.

This porridge can be eaten once a day, morning and evening.

Second, scorpion fried pork[raw material]30 grams of medlar, 200 grams of lean pork.

[Practice]Wash the scorpion first, put it in a bowl and cook it in a cage (or water).

Cut the lean pork into silk, add the vegetable oil and fry until it is cooked quickly, add steamed hazelnuts, and stir-fry for a while (you can add salt and other seasonings).

This dish can be eaten daily.

Third, carrots and apple soy milk[raw materials]carrots, apples 50 grams each, soy milk 200 ml, lemon juice 5 ml.

[Practice]Chop the carrots and apples, add them to the juicer and mix them with the soymilk. Add the lemon juice to the mixed juice and mix well.

This drink can be taken once in the morning and in the evening.

Fourth, 枸杞 leaf pig liver soup[raw material]100 grams of loquat leaves, 200 grams of pork liver, seasonings.

[practice]Wash the leaves for use.

Wash the pig liver and slice it, add it to the boiled soup pot, add the cooking wine, chopped green onion, ginger and other seasonings, cook for 30 minutes, add the washed clams after the pig liver is cooked, and cook for about 10 minutes.

This dish can be eaten daily.