Soaking feet, such as tonic, choose to go to bedtime in the afternoon.

Soaking feet, such as tonic, choose to go to bedtime in the afternoon.

Core Tip: As the saying goes, “Raising trees needs roots and raising people need to protect their feet.” During the autumn and winter seasons, more and more people are keen to “fill the body” by soaking feet in order to prevent disease and disease.Treating diseases.

  According to the records of ancient medical records, the foot bath is a topical therapy that can lead to warming up and replenishing the body.

“There are more than seventy reflex zones and acupuncture points in the sole of the foot. At the same time, it can also be applied to the liver, spleen and kidney of the pedicure.

“Zhuang Lixing, director of the Acupuncture and Tuina College of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that the foot bath water is at least higher than the calf, and the effect of drug soaking and foot massage will be better.

  It is advisable to soak your feet: In the afternoon, before going to bed, Chinese medicine practitioners have the idea of “autumn harvest winter”. They think that the autumn and winter seasons are the best time, and the foot bath is also the way tonic.

Although sometimes a dozen feet, but autumn and winter feet better.

  “Generally speaking, it is best to soak your feet from 12 noon to night, but it varies from person to person and depends on your physical condition.

“The crop said politely, you need to raise your heart and soothe the nerves to promote sleep, adjust the spirit, should be after 9 o’clock in the evening, before going to bed; treatment of digestive diseases, such as chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, etc., the former should be after mealsSoak, usually should be in the fasting before meals; corresponding to reproductive system diseases such as irregular menstruation, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., it is recommended to soak feet around 9:00; to treat rhinitis, colds and other respiratory diseases, choose to soak feet after mealsThe effect of soaking to a slight sweat is best.

  Note: The water temperature is about 45 °C. If the time is about 20 minutes, too many people will have a wrong area. The hotter the water is better, the longer the bathing time is, the better, even when the water is cool, the feet are dried.

Zhuang Lixing suggested that the water of the foot bath should be controlled at about 45 °C, and the length of the foot bath should be about 20 minutes, and then adjust according to the disease type.

  Chinese medicine believes that when soaking feet, patients with debilitating diseases such as those with cold waist and knees, the water temperature can be controlled at 45 ° C -50 ° C, and the time can be slightly longer than 20 minutes; high blood pressure, weak constitution, water temperature should not be too high,It is best to control the time of soaking at 40 °C around 10 °C?
Within 15 minutes; patients with cerebrovascular disease, stroke and diabetes have lower temperature sensitivity than ordinary people. Therefore, it is recommended to use other people’s help to measure the water temperature or assist with the thermometer to strictly control the water temperature of the foot bath to prevent burns.

“The idea that the water temperature of the foot bath exceeds the good one is wrong. Too hot water may cause burns to the skin.

Zhuang Lixing said.

  Experts remind high blood pressure, weak people are careful to soak their feet, although they are healthy, but not everyone is suitable for soaking feet.

Expert advice: 1.

Skin diseases or skin wounds, people who are exposed to water are susceptible to infection, and it is best not to soak feet.


It is best not to soak your feet if your stomach is too hungry.


High blood pressure, weak body, soak feet, because the expansion of blood vessels to expand the blood vessels, causing hypotension in patients with hypertension; older, weaker feet are prone to sweating and collapse, but also be careful.


If you have a neurological or brain problem, you should not soak your feet to avoid burns.