Temperature and humidity should be suitable for reasonable layout of the bedroom to help sleep

Temperature and humidity should be suitable for reasonable layout of the bedroom to help sleep

The factors that affect people’s sleep quality are mainly divided into two, one is the lack of sleep caused by the bedroom, and the other is the sleep problem caused by internal factors.

The former reason is that as long as we are a caring person, we can make a big difference in the quality of sleep.

  1, quiet and quiet environment is one of the basic conditions to promote sleep, the quietness of the surrounding environment is good for the depth of sleep and sleep.

The noisy environment makes people unable to sleep and sleep.

Therefore, the bedroom windows should avoid downtown streets or add sound insulation.

  2, the color is suitable to decorate the room with different colors, will give people a different visual experience.

Generally speaking, the bedroom of the insomniac bedroom should be light blue, light green, white, which will give the insomnia a quiet, elegant and comfortable feeling, which makes people sleep more.

Hypnotic effects are better if curtains, murals, bedspreads and bedding are also formulated as light green or light blue.

On the other hand, if the walls of the bedroom are painted orange, hanging red curtains will make it difficult for insomniacs to fall asleep.

  3, the light should be dark, people generally fall asleep in the darker environment.

Beds should be placed in the dark corners of the room, or placed in a screen or window and in an event venue, with curtains in cool tones.

If you can’t reduce the light intensity when you fall asleep, you can use the eye mask to help block the light.

But not in the extremely dark space, everyone is easy to fall asleep. For example, people who are insecure about the darkness can have a small red light in the bedroom to help them sleep.

  4, temperature, humidity should be suitable for the bedroom to maintain proper temperature and humidity, which is conducive to sleep.

In winter, the temperature of the bedroom should be kept at 19 °C, and the other seasons at 22 °C.

Suitable relative humidity for sleep should be 60%?

When using air conditioners, pay attention to the maintenance of humidity when warming the stove. Put a wet towel on the warmer or install a humidifier.

Different people have different comforts for temperature and humidity, so they are mainly comfortable and suitable for themselves.

  In addition, the creation of the bedroom should pay attention to: 1, the bedroom is facing south or southwest to sleep well.

The brain in sleep still needs a lot of oxygen, while the south or southwest is sunny and airy, and at night it is very comfortable.

  2, the space for sleep should be small and not large.

Without affecting the use, the smaller the sleeping space, the more intimate and safe it is because of the prevalence of a private psychological relationship.

  3, the width of the bed, the length is better than 70 cm.

The width is too narrow, it is not easy to make people fall asleep. This is because when people are sleeping, there are still warning points in the brain, and the activities are constant, lest they fall out of bed when they turn over.

  4, the bed to the side of the bed against the wall, double to leave the channel as well.

This not only helps to get out of bed, go to bed, but also makes people full of spaciousness, causing air circulation.

  5, be soft, easy, warm, dry and clean; pajamas should be wide, bed pillowcases, mosquito nets, etc.

  6, keep the bedroom, bedding clean, do not accumulate debris under the bed, so as not to hide dirt, causing the breeding and breeding of mosquito squirrels, interfere with sleep.