Vegan healthy nutrition recipe vegetarian eating like this

Vegan healthy nutrition recipe vegetarian eating like this

Vegetarianism, showing the return to nature, returning to health and protecting the earth’s ecological environment.

The quietly spread vegetarian culture has made vegetarianism a global fashion label and a highly regarded healthy lifestyle.

However, the wrong vegetarian concept may turn the vegetarian diet into a health concern, so how to eat vegetarian food is a new knowledge that you must know.

Like foraging, vegetarian diets are also replaced by a balanced six major supplements. The biggest difference is that the source of the protein is different. In addition, vegetarians who do not eat any animal foods must carefully design to obtain sufficient nutrients.The whole grain should be used as the basis of the staple food. Here are the following suggestions: 1.

Grain rice or whole wheat bread, about 6-10 servings per day (about 1.


5 bowls of rice); 2.

Green vegetables are about 2-3 servings a day, 3-4 servings of vegetables other than green (about one bowl for each raw meal, about half a bowl for cooked food), 2 fresh fruits per day (one for a small fist), a large number of photosInto enough vitamin C, you can also eat the iron needed for hematopoiesis;

Approximately 2 servings of milk or dairy products (about 240cc per serving or 2 slices of cheese), with 2-3 servings of beans and soy products or eggs (about half a box or 1/3 of a bowl of tofu, a bean bag or1 egg) can provide high-quality protein, if you do not eat dairy products, you need to increase the absorption of beans or eggs instead;

Grease is a natural vegetable oil, such as: olive oil, 2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil plus 1-2 nuts such as: peanuts, cashews, pine nuts (about one teaspoon per serving) to increase protein andIngestion of monounsaturated fatty acids.

PS: Pay attention to the raw material ingredients and nutrition label on the food label to avoid the partial hydrogenated oil and the trans-micro-type, so as not to increase the burden of cardiovascular.

Simple and effective abdominal weight loss massage

Simple and effective abdominal weight loss massage

Abdominal weight loss massage is a simple and effective method. It is suitable for many diseases of the digestive system nervous system and urinary system. It can also be used as a method to eliminate the abnormally strong body of the abdomen. This method is easy to learn, comfortable and effective.Quick and other advantages.


Abdominal weight loss massage method requirements: (1) two-finger stacking method: If according to the law, according to the weight of the weight of the beat pulse and no pain is appropriate.

  (2) Wave pushing method: two fingers close together, naturally straight, the left palm is inserted into the back of the right finger, the right palm refers to the abdomen, push forward with force, and then the left palm presses backward, pushingOnce, moving slowly from top to bottom, like a spray in the water.


Acupoint selection and operation requirements for abdominal weight loss massage.

  Acupoint selection: Guanyuan point, Zhongyu point, Tianshu point, the position of clinical massage Tianshu point is actually about 1 inch on the left and right umbilical slope, there is a point where the artery should be pointed, and the height is not attached to the point.When the Tianshu, sometimes feel that the two waists are swollen, there is a cold wind down the two waists, the feeling of two feet numbness, a loose hand, another hot air down the two senses.

  Operational requirements: During operation, instruct the person to lie on the bed, unfasten the buckle and the belt, wear only a thin piece of clothing on the abdomen, and the surgeon faces the recipient and sits on the bed.

First, the wave-type pressing method is moved from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen 3-4 times, and then the three-finger stacking method is applied to the middle of the sputum, Zuo Tianshu, Guanyuan three points, and each hole is pressed for 2-3 minutes.

Each time you press a hole, the wave push method is two or three times. The weight is comfortable and painless, and the artery is the main hand.

Every time you operate for about 20 minutes, once a day, but after meals or when it is particularly dry, it is not suitable for operation.

  After a month of massage, take a few days off and massage.

Is diet fattening reliable?

Is diet fattening reliable?

The fattening is to eat the following fattening food, if you eat it at night, it will definitely be fat.

Sometimes when you really notice your body, you will find that the flesh of the body is more than a circle, don’t think that you have no exercise!

It may be that the small snacks that you usually eat inadvertently become the culprit.

  Advantages and Disadvantages of Fattening Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Bars: Because a chocolate bar is equivalent to half the amount of a meal.

If you can’t get rid of the rich chocolate and the rich taste of caramel and peanuts in your life, then it is recommended that you pay attention to the numbers on the scales every day, and eat such high-content fattening snacks every day.It’s hard to gain weight.

However, the high sugar content contained in the chocolate bar is an accomplice to oxidation and will cause you to accelerate aging.

  Jelly: There is no misfortune in the jelly. If you eat a small amount, no one will gain weight, but don’t expect it to increase nutrition.

Word plum, words Li: salt content is too high, if long-term sustained large amounts of salt will induce high blood pressure.

In the short term: high adult content, low nutritional value, eating more is not conducive to dietary balance.

Biscuits: They are high-fat, high-energy foods with low levels of vitamins and minerals. Eating more is not conducive to diet balance and can easily lead to obesity.

Juice: If you think that drinking juice is more nutritious and comes in a can every day, the high sugar in the juice will increase your weight by 12 kilograms a year later.

Potato chips: The nutritional value is very low, and it also contains a lot of feces and energy. Eating more easily leads to fattening, and it is also the enemy of skin and bodybuilding.

Popcorn: The nutritional value is acceptable, but it contains more lead, which can affect children’s intelligence and physical development, and impair the nerve function of adults.

Fruit candy, lollipop: only sugar, its fruit flavor comes from flavors, pigments and other additives, eating more easily lead to dental caries and obesity.

  Candied fruit, candied fruit: In these food processing processes, the vitamin C contained in the fruit is basically destroyed. Except for a large amount of heat energy, there is almost no other nutrients, and excessive consumption leads to the lack of certain trace elements.

Bubble gum, chewing gum: nutritional value is almost zero, some products are rich in a large number of preservatives, artificial sweeteners.

Puffed small food: nutrition is acceptable, but some products contain a large number of pigments, flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, plasticizers and other food additives.

  The fattening step is to eat the fattening food mentioned above, but also pay attention to their advantages and disadvantages.

Can the old man drink strong tea?

Can the old man drink strong tea?

Drinking tea in moderation is good for health every day, but drinking tea often may damage kidney function and cause osteoporosis. The potential harm cannot be ignored.

  Today, there is a disease called “tea-type fluorosis”, which refers to chronic fluorosis caused by repeated intake of excessive amounts of high-flavor tea or tea products.

Fluorosis can lead to fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness, headache, memory loss and other symptoms.

Strong tea contains high levels of fluoride, and drinking strong tea can damage the kidneys.

  Because the kidney is the main excretion organ of fluoride, when the excess excess fluoride in the body exceeds the excretion capacity of the kidney, the fluoride will accumulate in the body, and the fluoride content of the kidney will increase significantly.

Experiments have shown that excess fluoride in the kidney can cause damage to the renal cortex and medullary tubules of animals.

  Too many people always think that drinking strong tea can hangover.

In fact, strong tea not only does not hangover, but also hurts the kidneys.

The reason is that theophylline in strong tea can rapidly produce diuretic effect through the kidneys, so that the already oxidized acetaldehyde enters the kidney prematurely.

Acetaldehyde is toxic to the kidneys, which can damage glomerular and tubular cells and cause damage to kidney function.

Therefore, drinking strong tea and hangover is not enough.

  Drinking more tea is easy to hurt.

A foreign study on the drinking habits and fracture risk of 3,170 elderly people over 50 years old in the United States showed that people who drink 5 cups of strong tea every day have a 70% higher risk of fracture than those who do not drink strong tea.

According to a survey of 4,659 Inner Mongolian herders by domestic epidemiologists.

  Because they drink tea for a long time, the degree of osteoporosis is 17% higher than that of Han people who do not drink strong tea.

Because the content of caffeine in concentrated tea is reduced, and caffeine can inhibit the absorption of calcium in the duodenum, and accelerate the discharge of calcium in the urine.

Due to the dual effects of inhibiting absorption and accelerating excretion, calcium deficiency in the body is easy to induce calcium loss in the bone, which may cause osteoporosis over time.

  Therefore, each time tea should not exceed 5 grams, no more than two teas a day.

In addition, brick tea, Pu’er tea fluorine-containing carboxylic acid, should not drink too much.

Turn hula hoop to lose weight

Turn hula hoop to lose weight

Will the hula hoop slim down?

First of all, we must consider a few key points: First, is everything you spend more than the conversion?

Don’t think that if you move, you will lose weight!

Sometimes the moments consumed by sports are not as good as imagined. For example, a 50-kilogram person climbs a mountain for half an hour, but only spends about eight minutes of rice!

If you think you have exercised, but add more food, I think you will get more than you lose!

  Second, how long have you been exercising?

How strong is the exercise?

Shaking the hula hoop can achieve the effect of exercise, but you must exercise for a long time, because the intensity of the hula hoop is not very strong, only the exercise time and continuous exercise can reach the aerobic exercise.The stage so that it can consume a small amount of body storage and too much dose.

Many people have a blind spot in their movements. They think that sweating is the sport. In fact, it is not entirely true. Some people are more resistant to heat and may not be able to sweat easily.

  Third, the heavier the hula hoop, the better?

I don’t think so!

Perhaps the heavier hula hoop must be able to move through the moment of the beginning of the hula hoop, but then it becomes a kind of inertial movement, the focus is still that you must exercise for a long time, otherwise the short time movementIt is only an anaerobic exercise, it only exchanges muscle soreness and does not consume excess energy for you.

In addition, the hula hoop will hit the cheekbone when it is swaying, and the organ inside the tail (such as the kidney), the force of the too heavy hula hoop relative to the collision will also be overcome, and there may be a crisis of injury and viscera!

Or choose a moderate weight!

  Fourth, how long should it be enough?

May wish to refer to the “3, 3, 3” campaign, exercise three times a week, every 30 minutes, the heart rate reaches 130, because the intensity of the swing hula hoop is not very strong, if you want to increase the heart rate, you mustSpeed up the shaking!

  Exercise is not a day or two. Superfluous is not caused by two days a day. No matter what kind of exercise you do, remember to grasp one principle: continuous and continuous, a little breathing and not too much asthma.

I believe that soon you will be a member of the Yi family!

Come on!

Come on!

Keep warm during the autumn and winter season

Keep warm during the autumn and winter season

In the autumn season, the autumn wind no longer blows up the leaves, but also brings an annoying problem – high blood pressure.

These hypertensive patients screamed and pulled up the “windbox” every autumn and winter season, coughing and wheezing.

Don’t think that the “lale bellows” has no big obstacles, but in fact the harm of prevention is far greater than everyone thinks.

In today’s world, the number of people who die from high blood pressure is about 180,000 each year. It has become the second most dead and disabling disease after cancer. This data is really human.

  Acute initial illness is caused by the evil of wind or wind and heat, and the improper treatment causes the cold evil to remain in the body, which is the induced root cause.

The temperature dropped sharply in the autumn and winter, and Chinese medicine believed that this was the time when the natural world “attenuated the yang”.

At this time, the human lungs are weak, the kidneys are fading, the body’s resistance is relatively weakened, and the coldness in the air is slightly stimulated and the surgery will occur.

  Preventive warmth.

For patients with hypertension, the key part of the cold and warmth is in front, because the shoulder is close to some feng shou points (located in front, when the second thoracic spinous process is under the spine, open 1).

5 inches), is the “gateway” of the “wind” into the chest.

The location of this hole, just corresponding to the two lungs, has a great impact on the lungs.

Hypertensive patients should not let the back get cold, in addition to the hot weather, do not wear the backless clothes, usually also appropriate massage.

The massage time is preferably no more than 10 minutes.

Massage method select palm push, point, press height.

  The massage wind pool is designed to prevent colds, in addition to protecting the adjacency.

In the clinic, suffering from high blood pressure is caused by a cold.

Here, I would like to teach you a point massage method to prevent colds.

The ancient city is called the city, the city refers to the city, and the pool refers to the moat.

Therefore, this point of the wind pool is a barrier to the evil spirits. If you want to capture this “city”, you must first break the “pool”. The role of massaging this acupuncture point is to become a “city” guard.Do not let foreign enemies invade.

The method of massage is to open the hands and fingers naturally, close to the back of the pillow, with the thumb of both hands passing through the double-side wind pool points, pushing up and down with force, with a slight soreness.

Every time there may be more than 32, more and more good, to the degree of fever at the acupoints.

  Cold cold drink is easy to hurt the lungs. Of course, cold food can not be greedy.

Chinese medicine believes that “the cold drink and cold lung injury”, the doctor’s words can not help but listen, some patients just laughed and laughed, drank some herbal tea, ate the root ice cream, the breath suddenly fell instantly, that is, cold food is in the middlecause trouble.

Which foods are cold?

Among the cold foods are ice water, popsicles, ice cream, ice cola, and cold beer.

Although it is milk, although it is rich in nutrients, it is most suitable for newborn babies.

Because infants and young children are pure yang, they can digest and absorb milk.

If a person is cold in adulthood, he should drink less or not drink.

Other cold things include raw pears, watermelons, bananas, and spinach.

  These methods of eliminating chills and adjusting the three internal organs are only a series of measures taken against the cold. In order to treat surgical diseases, the body’s coldness should also be eliminated.

How to eliminate body chills?

  There is a saying in Chinese medicine that “the spleen is the source of oysters, and the lungs are the means of storage.” The root cause of phlegm is dysfunction of the spleen and stomach.

Why is the spleen the source of oysters?

It is because it is wet in the main transport, and the moisture becomes more sipping when it is not released, so fundamentally, the spleen can be damp.

In addition, there is a saying in Chinese medicine that “the spleen is the source of Qi, the kidney is the root of Qi”, that is to say, although the gas is out of the lungs, it is the “root” in the kidney.

  Therefore, the treatment of hypertension should focus on the treatment of the spleen, lungs and kidneys.

You can eat more foods that supplement the three organs at ordinary times. Yam, chestnuts, walnuts, etc. all have the effect of three internal organs.

In particular, the yam is called the first medicine of the three organs.For the efficacy of yam, Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, recovered in his “Medical Hearts in the West”.

He believes: “The yam is white in the lungs, sweet to the spleen, liquid and kidney, can nourish the blood, solidify gasification, Ning Yu Dingchuan, strong ambition.

Zhang Xichun used a combination of ephedra and yam to cure many cases of hypertension.

The yam glutinous rice porridge created by him has become an easy health medicinal diet.

Of course, this medicinal diet is also very suitable for patients with hypertension.

  Acupoint massage antihypertensive In addition to diet, we also replace the lungs, spleen and kidney related points for dialysis.

Such as Feishu point, spleen point, Shenshu point, etc. are all good preventive “drugs” for hypertensive patients, because these acupoints are connected with the organs, stimulating these points, can stimulate the corresponding organs.

Since these acupoints are all in the back of the bladder, it can be stimulated by squeezing the ridge or tapping the back. The stimulation does not have to be time-limited and can be used at any time. As for the massage time, it is generally 2?3 minutes is appropriate.

Autumn health, beware of four diseases, skin itching, raise lungs

Autumn health, beware of four diseases, skin itching, raise lungs

The weather in autumn is very dry, and many of our friends’ skins have symptoms of itching.
Chinese medicine believes that the main fur of the lungs, through the role of clarification, will release the Weiqi and qi and blood fluids to the whole body, and warm the skin and fur to maintain normal functions. Therefore, in the article above the skin, we still need to coordinate through raising the lungs.of.
At the same time, autumn is also a high incidence of four diseases, we must have dikes.
In terms of diet, some people who are not suitable for eating should not eat. Let’s take a look at how to maintain health in the fall.
  1, the skin itching to raise the lungs In the fall, due to the temperature drop, plus wind, the climate becomes dry, many people will feel the skin becomes thicker, and even itching.
However, to solve such problems, it is not enough to rely on external hemorrhoids to moisturize the skin. “External diseases” must also be “internal treatment”, and the skin’s problems must be adjusted by raising the lungs.
  To solve the itching of autumn skin, you can start from the dysfunction of the lungs, but also distinguish the type of disease.
Generally can be divided into three categories: First, the wind-heat type, this is because of the symptoms caused by cold fever, the virus destroys the body tissue, causing itching symptoms of the skin; Second, the type of damp heat, such as eating cold food, leading to damp heat,It can cause itching of the legs, and some medicines for clearing away heat and dampness can be used. Third, the skin can not be blocked, causing the fluid to leak out of the body and accumulating moisture and causing itching.
  In addition to drinking plenty of water in the fall, you should also drink more porridge, soy milk, eat more radish, lotus root, lotus root, pear, honey and other foods that moisturize the lungs, nourish the yin and dry, especially pears, have a thirst, cough and reduce痰, clear heat and reduce fire, nourishing blood and muscle, lungs and dryness and other functions.
Try to eat less or not eat chili, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and other hot items, eat less fried, fatty foods, in order to prevent the symptoms of autumn dryness.
If you have skin itching symptoms, you can use cilantro soaked wine to quickly relieve itching.
  2, careful prevention of rheumatic heart disease Rheumatic heart valve disease is also known as chronic rheumatic heart disease, which is a heart disease left after acute rheumatic carditis, it is mainly heart valve disease.
The weather in autumn is getting colder. The temperature difference between day and night is also very large. Our body’s resistance will also drop significantly, which is easy to induce rheumatic heart disease.
  3, to prevent neurasthenia After the fall, the unstable temperature has a certain impact on people’s mind and body.
Neurasthenia is a common neurological disorder. Patients often feel lack of mental and physical strength, are prone to fatigue, work inefficiency, often have headaches and other physical discomforts and sleep disorders, but no organic lesions exist.
  4, to prevent hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids refers to the swelling of blood vessels inside and outside the anus.
Causes include heredity, aging, pregnancy, long-term diarrhea, and excessive use of laxatives for constipation.
The dry air in the autumn lacks moisture, and the regulation function of the human body is easily disordered, and the acne is induced by the condition of dry stool and constipation.
  Autumn diet 9 should not be suitable for entering the autumn, the temperature becomes cool and pleasant, the temperature is lowered, the appetite of the person is gradually enhanced, and the digestive power is also improved, which is a good season to make up for the lack of nutrition due to the hot summer temperature.
At the same time, this time is the season of harvest. The variety of animals is delicious, the variety of vegetables and fruits is complete, and the quantity is many. It is the best season for arranging autumn supplements.
However, if it is not properly arranged, it is also easy to cause overnutrition or improper eating and injury, then it is necessary to pay attention to eating some timely food in the autumn.
  Yi – Tremella Tremella has the effect of enhancing cellular immunity and humoral immunity, and can also reduce the immune function caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy in tumor patients, inhibit the growth of tumor cells, and eat more white fungus in autumn to prevent dry skin.
  Not suitable – fat foods Chinese medicine believes that the main lungs in autumn, the main smell of the lungs.
If the lungs are too high, it will often lead to liver depression.
Autumn dry and easy to hurt the body fluid.
Therefore, in the diet, to prevent dry yin, nourishing yin and lungs, avoid eating fat food.
  Appropriate – Apple Vitamin C in apples is a healthy element of cardiovascular protection and heart disease patients.
  Chinese medicine believes that apples have the effects of thirst, lungs, troubles, spleen and stomach, nourishing the heart, nourishing the intestines, stopping diarrhea, relieving heat, and sobering.
  Apples are rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber pectin, sugar, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are very good for health. For example, if gelatin dietary fiber can not only play a laxative role, but also help reduceBlood sugar, lowering blood fat, cleaning up the toxins in the body.
  Eating more apples in the fall can help eliminate fatigue, moisturize the lungs and nourish the yin, and it is also good for preventing cold diseases.
  Not suitable – strong tea and coffee Autumn is easy to heat, get angry, it is easier to feel dry mouth and even sore throat.
Drink tea and coffee as little as possible during this season. Because of the diuretic effect of theophylline and caffeine in tea and coffee, the body’s water loss will be accelerated, which will aggravate people’s internal heat and fire.
  If you drink too much tea and coffee, caffeine is too much, the nervous system is more exciting, and there are symptoms such as palpitations and tachycardia.
  Suitable – Honey Honey contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins and sugars that are easily absorbed by the body. It is an excellent skin care product for the skin.
It has the functions of strengthening body, improving intelligence, increasing hemoglobin and improving myocardium. In autumn, eating more honey can promote digestion, prevent “autumn dryness” from harming the human body, and play the role of moistening the lungs and nourishing the lungs, and achieve the effect of detoxification and beauty.
  Experts recommend drinking salt water during the day and drinking honey water at night. It is a good way to replenish the body’s water, and it is also a good diet for autumn health and anti-aging.
  Not suitable – spicy food “Less Xinxin” is a principle of Chinese medicine nutrition about the autumn diet.
The so-called Shaoxin is to eat less spicy food. This is because the lungs are gold, ventilated in autumn, the lungs are in the autumn, and the spicy taste is less, so as to prevent the lungs from being too strong.  In autumn, the weather is high, the air is dry, the humidity is small, and people are prone to symptoms such as dry throat and dry cough. This is caused by dry evil and lung injury.
At this time, you should eat less spicy, spicy food, such as onions, ginger, pepper, pepper, to prevent Xin Wen help, increase the symptoms of lung dryness.
  Yili-Lily In the autumn, the air humidity is small and the wind is strong. Under such climatic conditions, the human sweat evaporates quickly, which is easy to cause a large loss of body water. This is the so-called “dryness and hurt people, easy to hurt the body fluid.”
“Lily is sweet and cold, and it has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, clearing the heart and calming the nerves. It has a good preventive effect on autumn dryness.
  Not suitable – fried food fried chicken legs, fried oysters and other fried foods, difficult to digest after eating in autumn, easy to accumulate in the stomach.
In addition, the gastrointestinal function is weak, and eating greasy fried foods will aggravate the heat accumulated in the body, which is not conducive to the body’s ability to adapt to the dryness of autumn.
  Suitable – carrots Also known as small ginseng, as well as rich in vitamins A, C and carotene, with the effect of tonifying the spleen and strengthening the stomach and nourishing the liver.
Carotene and vitamin A contained in carrots are fat-soluble substances that can be absorbed by the body under the action of oils and fats.
In the dry season, eating some carrots can enhance the skin’s ability to resist damage and moisturize the skin.
  不宜——水生植物  水生植物大部分在秋季成熟,但同时也是带最多囊蚴的时节,这时生吃如荸荠、茭笋、菱角等水生植物易受姜片虫感染,姜片虫是寄生在A trematode in the human body, usually parasitic in the small intestine, is firmly adsorbed on the intestinal wall by the action of the suction cup, which easily causes inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, hemorrhage, edema, ulcers, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.
  Suitable – brown rice Although the white rice is white and delicate, the processed rice and the enamel part of the millet are rubbed together during the grinding process. The brown rice retains more comprehensive nutrition and retains more vitamins.
Regular consumption of brown rice in the fall can prevent arteriosclerosis, improve memory, and eliminate anxiety and anxiety.
  Not suitable – greasy foods Greasy foods contain a lot of calories, are not easy to digest, can also block the absorption of nutrients, stomach in autumn, try to eat less or not greasy food.
  Yi – Eggplant Eggplant is not only a popular vegetable with good quality, but also a therapeutic food.
Chinese medicine believes that eggplant is cool and sweet, has the functions of clearing away heat, stopping bleeding, relieving swelling and relieving pain, phlegm and wind, and widening the intestines. After eating autumn, eating eggplant can reduce “fire”, except autumn dryness.
  Not suitable – ginger “In one year, autumn does not eat ginger; within one day, no ginger at night”, it is better to eat less ginger in the fall.
Because the autumn climate is dry, dryness hurts the lungs, and eating spicy ginger, it is more likely to damage the lungs and exacerbate the body’s loss of water and dryness.
  Yi – lotus root 藕 can be used as both fruit and delicacies.
藕 Whether it is raw or cooked, it has good medicinal value.
Chinese medicine believes that sputum is cold, sweet and cool into the stomach, can eliminate cold blood, clear trouble, and stop vomiting.
The folks have the saying that “newly tender and tender, win the doctor.”
Eat lotus root in autumn, nourishing yin and moistening, clearing the heart and soothe the nerves.
  Not suitable – barbecue Barbecue is usually made from chicken, beef and lamb, and placed in an open flame or microwave oven.
These foods are warm and require more saliva to participate in digestion when eating. It is easy to get angry after eating and aggravate the symptoms of autumn dryness.
  Yi – Red Bean Red Bean has a high medicinal and good health care effect.
Eating red beans in autumn can be healthy, because in most parts of China, after a long period of time in autumn, the temperature is usually higher, and the air humidity is also larger. Under such climatic conditions, the spleen and stomach should be adjusted first.
Conditioning the spleen and stomach should focus on heat, dampness and spleen, while red beans just have the above effects, which can release the damp heat in the body in time, promote the recovery of spleen and stomach function, while red beans also have a good blood-supplying effect, laying a foundation for autumn and winter tonicbasis.
  Not suitable – cold fruit The folk song said that “autumn melon bad belly” means that after the autumn, continue to eat a lot of melons, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases.
Watermelon, pear, and grape are cool in nature, and the adaptability of the gastrointestinal tract to the cold food after the fall is reduced. Therefore, the cold fruit after the autumn should be eaten less, especially the frozen watermelon, but not as fast as the summer.Otherwise it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach and cause other diseases.

To be healthy and longevity, we need to start from the heart

To be healthy and longevity, we need to start from the heart

Nowadays, Shaanxi Youth Daily, Provincial Gerontology Society, Hong Zhaoguang Zhang Yong International Health Center organized a health knowledge into the community tour report meeting, and launched the Shaanxi Provincial Health Status Survey.

In the process of participating in the survey, the member of the Provincial Psychological Education Research Association, the special correspondent Jiao Na of this newspaper gave positive attention to the mental health problems of the elderly, and proposed that health and longevity should start from the heart, and hope to attract the attention of elderly friends.

  She does not charge for spending one yuan to buy food, but she is willing to spend 10,000 yuan to buy health care products. Uncle Liu is a retired cadre of state-owned enterprises, suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

I usually reluctantly spend a dollar on grocery shopping. I recently bought more than 10,000 yuan of bed health products with my children.

At the same time, he will go to the hospital for two days. The doctor told him that he is just a normal elderly with insufficient blood supply to the brain. He does not need to pay too much attention. He usually pays attention to diet nutrition and exercise.

However, he believes that this is a “belief lie” that his family and doctors have combined to give him an incurable disease. As a result, his physical condition is getting worse.

  In fact, Uncle Liu has produced excessive suspicion, which is a psychological disorder of depression in the elderly psychological problems.

In daily life, depression like Uncle Liu is very common among the elderly.

As long as the psychological adjustment or treatment is carried out in time, it can avoid serious consequences caused by “health”.

  Health and longevity must first be learned from the psychological health of the investigation process, a large number of elderly people have different levels of mental illness.

The main cause of the psychological problems of the elderly is widowhood, children leaving their homes, their old age and weakness, their social status decline, and their feelings of being a family and society.

  When people are old, they are easy to get sick. It is a natural phenomenon that the body has such problems. However, some elderly friends do not have scientific understanding and correct attitude. They are rushing to go to the doctors, go to the doctors everywhere, buy medicines everywhere, and the disease is not optimistic.The problem.

In fact, as long as the elderly have a positive and healthy attitude, they will not affect the quality of life in their later years.

  In the survey of health products and special effects drugs, in the healthy living consumption of the elderly, the purchase of health care products accounted for a considerable proportion.

As part of the elderly industry, the development and promotion of health foods suitable for the physical characteristics of the elderly is conducive to the longevity of the elderly.

Choosing a health food suitable for you can often achieve the effect of assisting in the treatment of diseases and restoring health. However, due to the knowledge and correct attitude of some elderly people, it is easily affected by the exaggeration and false propaganda of the business. The result is “big price”.”I have not helped my health.”

In fact, it is best to choose the right condition for your body.

  There are also some elderly people who are very fascinated by special effects drugs. When they see that there are specific drugs for physical diseases, they are bought and used. As a result, they do not treat physical diseases, but they affect their health.

Therefore, medication under the guidance of a doctor is a scientific method.

  Healthy longevity should start from a little bit to make you have a healthy and happy old age life, especially to adjust your mentality and start from the bit by bit in your life.

  Give yourself a newspaper for the elderly.

By reading the old-age newspapers, mastering the old-age policy, understanding the information of the elderly, learning the scientific health care methods, communicating with older friends, enriching their spiritual and emotional life, and improving the health of their later life.

  Stick to one’s own hobbies.

Everyone has their own hobbies, they don’t have time when they go to work, they have time to retire, they just relax and do what they like to do, and naturally they will find health and happiness.

  Make a group of close friends.

The life in old age depends on the elderly themselves, and cannot rely on the younger generation blindly.

Only by shifting the focus away from your “empty nest” can you live the wonderful dusk.

It is easy to maintain a healthy mentality by making contact with the society and making some like-minded elderly friends who can make some good fortune.

Participate in an elderly social group.

At present, senile social groups and organizations are spread across urban and rural areas, old-age associations, senior sports associations, old-age art groups, and senior universities. They are all involved in a “big family” and often participate in some cultural and sports activities, which are beneficial to elderly friends to enjoy their body and mind.The role of fitness.

Drinking water with a crystal glass is easy to lead poisoning!

Drinking water with a crystal glass is easy to lead poisoning!

Lead poisoning patients – mostly using crystal glasses with crystal tableware to hold food, drinks, looks gorgeous and beautiful, so addictive.

However, many people can’t imagine that if a cup made of lead-containing artificial crystal contains an acidic beverage such as honey, it will cause lead pollution and seriously endanger health.

Therefore, some people say that patients with lead poisoning mostly use crystal glasses. According to Professor Zhu Qishang, director of the poisoning department of the Fourth Hospital of West China University of Sichuan University, many of the lead poisoning patients admitted to the poisoning department of the hospital use crystal glass.The container is filled with an acidic beverage.

“Crystal products – a source of threatening lead pollution, said crystal products are a threatening source of lead pollution.

The lead oxide content is usually as high as 20%-30%. It is used to hold water, and generally does not cause lead poisoning. However, if a wine or an acidic beverage is used, the lead in the crystal product will be precipitated and replaced by alcohol or acid.Among the drinks.

Experiments have shown that the longer the wine is, the more lead it contains.

  Another foreign experiment proves that 1 liter of brandy is placed in a crystal ware. After 5 years, the lead content in the wine can be as high as 20,000 micrograms per liter, far exceeding the environmental protection department’s reduction of lead in beverages by 50.Micrograms per liter.

  Lead poisoning – harm to children Diameter The World Health Organization stipulates that if a person’s blood lead level is greater than 100 micrograms / liter, it is lead poisoning.

When the lead in the blood accumulates to a certain extent, it leads to problems such as memory, mental decline, mental disorders, nightmares, and insomnia.

  The harm caused by lead poisoning to children is easy to cause mental development disorder in children.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using crystal products for long-term storage of alcohol, juice or acidic beverages to avoid lead poisoning and damage to health.

  Teach you a trick – the appearance of the difference can buy crystal glass tableware can be distinguished by the sound, feel, appearance, etc. on glass, lead crystal glass, lead-free crystal glass.

  Ordinary glass products have dim color, poor refractive index, rough workmanship, poor hand feeling, and even some bubbles in some places, and the sound is dull.

  Compared with ordinary glass products, crystal glass products have bright color, strong refractive index, exquisite workmanship, good hand feeling, and look like crystals. They are lightly tapped with a crisp metal sound.

The ratio of lead-containing crystal glass products to lead-free crystal glass products is slightly thicker.

  You know – after adding the glass, the glass containers circulating on the crystal market are classified according to the materials, and can be divided into ordinary glass containers and crystal glass containers.

  There are two types of crystal glass containers: lead-free crystal glass and lead crystal glass.

Due to the color, texture and gloss of ordinary glass, the gloss is not ideal.

Adding lead to the glass can greatly increase the refractive index of the glass. It looks like crystal, so it is called crystal glass. Some kinds of ornaments, crystal glasses, crystal lamps, etc. are made of lead.Made of glass.

  The country does not have relevant standards.

At present, our country does not have a national standard for crystal glass. Since there are no national standards, many companies produce their own corporate standards, but many companies rely on EU standards for production.

  The crystal glass is divided into three types: lead-free, medium-lead and high-lead.

Lead lead glass has a lead oxide content of 24%; high lead glass has a lead oxide content of 36%.

  If the crystal glass container is produced in accordance with EU standards, no matter how much the product contains, there are strict regulations in the world, which should be safe for the human body.

However, due to the lack of standards, it is impossible to rule out the arbitrariness of individual manufacturers and the difficulty in ensuring product quality.

Three methods of relieving stress

Three methods of relieving stress

Stress is just like our body will get sick. It is impossible to solve it completely. The best way to resist disease is to maintain a good physiological state. Modern people can effectively relieve stress through TCM health movement.

  Calligraphy is both affectionate and healthy. “Su Wen·Yin and Yang should be like a big theory” contains: “angry liver”, “happy heart”, “thinking the spleen”, “sorrowful lung”, “terrorist kidney”;The theory of pain and pain: “A hundred diseases are born in the air.”

“Lingshu·Ben Shen” cloud: “Hepatitis qi is fearful”, “Heart qi is sorrowful”, “Spleen qi is not used for limbs, five internal organs are uneasy”, “lung qi deficiency is unfavorable for nasal congestion, less gas”, “kidney deficiency””厥”, arguing that “the disease of the five internal organs must be examined, in order to know the truth of the qi, and to adjust it,” “The health of the wise man will also be suitable for the four seasons, and the place of anger and anger, and the yin and yang.And adjust the soft and soft.

If it is, then it will not be evil, and it will last for a long time.

“It can be seen that there is a problem with the emotions, which can lead to abnormal operation of the blood and blood, and the balance of the function of the organs.”

Stress is a core issue that people have long followed but must now care for and respond to.

In the crowd, some people are deeply entrenched in discriminating mental illness and their patients, which makes many people reluctant to suffer from their own mental stress.

People may try to change this bad situation.

  How to effectively relieve stress has been increasingly valued by modern people.

Health evidence pays attention to “the body will raise the heart, the heart will be widowed.”

Peace of mind, do not pursue the material, money and reputation that are not their own, do not harm others, self-interest, integrity, and dedication to others, help people in the best possible solution, keep the mind open-minded, refreshing, is the magic weapon of health and longevity.
“There are many ways and means to maintain health. Practice calligraphy is one of them. It can make people quiet, self-cultivation, and long-term, which can make the mood stable, qi and affection, thus effectively relieving stress.

“Calligraphy is a traditional art unique to developing countries. It expresses beauty with practical words. It reflects intangible charm, charm and artistic conception from tangible strokes, structures and chapters.

Practicing calligraphy is not only an art enjoyment, but also ‘Taiji on paper, Qigong on ink’, so it is both affectionate and healthy.

  When practicing calligraphy, the thoughts are highly concentrated, and even reach the realm of ecstasy. The mood and thoughts are integrated into the artistic conception of the words, turning a blind eye to the unhappiness that occurs in front of or around the eyes, listening to annoyance; things that can’t be left in the heart can be forgotten for a while, no dreamsAnd troubles, calm and water, so that into a relaxed and pleasant state.

Whether young people or the elderly practice calligraphy, persevere, not only can cultivate self-cultivation, but also cultivate their own perseverance, work hard, and do a good job.

  Taiji Ba Duan Jin is both self-cultivating and training physical exercises Taijiquan and Ba Duan Jin, which can make the body smooth and balanced in all aspects, smooth movement, yin and yang order, external natural law, internal physiology rhythm, throughThe order regulates the body’s internal organs, can maintain the physiological activities of the human body, correct the pathological changes, and finally achieve the effect of bodybuilding and tempering sentiment.

  In the past, many people felt that Tai Chi and Ba Duan Jin were the morning exercises for the elderly in the park, but now more and more white-collar workers have become “fans” of Tai Chi and Ba Duan Jin.

The 36-year-old Mr. Li is an urban white-collar worker. His enormous work pressure has led to his sub-health symptoms such as insomnia and anorexia. Finally, he chose to practice Tai Chi exercise, and his symptoms have been reduced a lot.

Taijiquan, which is characterized by looseness and naturalness, is soothing and free of movement, and is especially beneficial to regulate blood and physiology. It is a good way to relieve stress.

Taijiquan and Ba Duanjin should cooperate with breathing, which can be considered as the ‘moving power’ in the ‘qigong’.

  Tai Chi Chuan and Ba Duan Jin highlight the muscles, tighten the muscles and adjust the breath. There is stillness in the movement, and there is movement in the silence. “There is no movement, no movement”, “heart-to-heart”, “by the air,”Gas up to four tips, etc., is conducive to blood circulation, enhance the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, can exercise micro-vessels, and promote microcirculation.

The average rate of abnormal vasospasm and excessive blood stasis rate of Taijiquan and Ba Duanjin exercisers were significantly higher than the above, indicating that Tai Chi Chuan and Ba Duan Jin also have the effect of regulating blood supply.

In addition, a large number of studies have shown that practicing Tai Chi and Ba Duan Jin have a good effect on reducing blood fat, increasing lung capacity, enhancing myocardial nutrition, preventing and delaying heart and brain diseases.

  Yoga has become a new form of fitness for yoga. Ancient India is a form of exercise that achieves a harmonious unity of body, mind and spirit.

The principle of yoga has many places that are consistent with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Long-term cultivation of yoga alternates with the stability of mind and mind, eliminates distracting thoughts, clears the mind, cultivates self-cultivation, and improves people’s ability to cope with physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual problems, thus effectively relieving stress.
  At present, there are more and more people practicing yoga, and leaflets in the yoga practice hall and yoga training classes can be seen everywhere in the streets.

Yoga is also a kind of soothing exercise with static and dynamic, static and internal and internal and external repairs, and suitable for different age groups.

It is a kind of health care method for people to pursue bodybuilding and health, and has been loved by many people.

  Our mind and body are as vulnerable to external factors as it is. In the various injuries of the fear of the soul, the most terrible thing is self-contamination.

We need to be a spiritual environmental protection engineer to remove the pollution that grows in the mind and resist the external intrusion, making it vivid and vibrant.

  The original meaning of yoga is “combination”, that is, the proper combination of the mind and the body movement to achieve the elimination of tension, calm the heart, cultivate the heart and relieve stress.

The yoga limb is a large system. This system consists of several parts, so that each part is in good condition to have a healthy body.

Yoga adjusts the physiology of each organ through posture, tempering, etc., thereby regulating emotions and eliminating tension in the mental nervous system.

In addition, yoga has a good effect on weight loss, insomnia, worry and arthritis.