Pay attention to the poisonous serum of Chinese patent medicine

Pay attention to the poisonous serum of Chinese patent medicine

It is generally believed that Chinese patent medicines have fewer side effects, are safe to take, and sometimes they are not taken according to the doctor’s advice. This practice is extremely detrimental to health.

  Some proprietary Chinese medicines contain potent and toxic ingredients, and some contain western medicine ingredients.

These Chinese medicines have certain damage to the human body, and accidentally may cause adverse reactions or drug-induced diseases.

For example, a proprietary Chinese medicine for treating diabetes contains glibenclamide; a cough-relieving Chinese medicine contains ephedrine, ammonium chloride, and clenbuterol; the digestive system contains atropine, procaine, and sucralfate.Etc.; Chinese medicine for depressurization contains hydrochlorothiazide, clonidine hydrochloride and the like.

Although the content of western medicine contained in proprietary Chinese medicines is generally reduced, if the patient exceeds the dosage, the risk will be greatly increased, and even serious cases may be life-threatening.

  When using proprietary Chinese medicines, the efficacy of single-flavor Chinese medicine or western medicine is more reliable, and it is generally recommended to avoid mixing medicine.

If the drug must be mixed, the drug composition should be clarified and the risk of repeated drug use should occur.

  In general, good safety is one of the advantages of proprietary Chinese medicines.

The Chinese medicinal materials used in the production of proprietary Chinese medicines are mostly natural medicines, but they are still toxic substitutes. It can be said that there is no non-toxic alternative to proprietary Chinese medicines.

  “Shen Nong tastes the herb, and encounters seventy poisons in one day.” In the process of searching for and identifying food, ancient people accidentally ate some poisonous herbs. After the toxic reaction, they cured some diseases, so they found out.traditional Chinese medicine.

Toxicity is a basic attribute of traditional Chinese medicine, but toxicity is not equal to poison. The key is how to apply it correctly.

  In order to avoid the occurrence of toxic side effects, the first thing to do is to comply with the drug certificate.

In the ancient book “Medical Statement”: “Where a doctor uses medicine, it must be certified first, and the certification must be examined first.

The trial is clear, the certification is true; the certification is true, and the medicine is used.

“The diagnosis is unknown, the drug certificate does not match, the “heat syndrome” uses “hot medicine”, the “cold certificate” uses “cold medicine”, which is tantamount to refueling on the fire and aggravating the condition.

  Must understand the main ingredients of Chinese patent medicines, usage, dosage, compatibility and so on.

The book “Poisonous Chinese Herbal Medicine” records 487 kinds of toxic Chinese herbal medicines, among which 22 kinds of extremely poisonous drugs with a lethal dose of less than 1 gram, the therapeutic amount is close to the amount of poisoning, and 50 kinds of large poisons which can cause serious consequences are used excessively.

There are 28 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines used in the Regulations on the Administration of Toxic Drugs for Medical Use issued by the State Council.

For example, a proprietary Chinese medicine containing Chinese herbal medicine, Huang Yaozi, has obvious hepatotoxicity. Excessive or long-term application can cause liver damage; Chinese patent medicines containing Mutong, Guangfang, and Aristolochia have obvious aristolochic acid.Nephrotoxicity, improper use can lead to kidney damage; Chinese medicines containing glutinous rice, improper use can lead to heart damage and arrhythmia; Chinese medicine containing Strychnos, excessive use can cause nervous system damage.

External proprietary Chinese medicines generally avoid oral administration.

  Sometimes in order to improve the curative effect, a variety of proprietary Chinese medicines may be used in combination, and it is possible to reuse some of them, and the conversion dose is increased. If it is a toxic medicine or a medicinal medicinal taste, toxic anisotropy is likely to occur.

It is also possible that there is a contraindication between different proprietary Chinese medicines, such as Fuzi Lizhong Pill and Jinshang Shenqi Pill, because both Chinese patent medicines contain aconite (the main ingredient aconitine), which may cause toxic side effects.
For example, if a proprietary Chinese medicine containing aconite is used in combination with a Chinese patent medicine containing Fritillaria and Pinellia to treat cough, there will be incompatibility contraindications (“18 anti-Chinese wolfberry, anti-Pinus, Fritillaria”).

  Finally, we must pay attention to “the disease is only a stop”, can not be taken for a long time.

Some Chinese medicines are less toxic, but they can be used for long-term use to accumulate poisoning.

  In order to avoid the side effects of proprietary Chinese medicines, doctors should not only fully grasp the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine’s taste, function, usage and dosage, toxicity, compatibility and other aspects, but also be familiar with the modern pharmacological knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and understand the main ingredients of each traditional Chinese medicine., metabolism in the body, side effects and so on.

As a patient, you should not buy medicines without permission. You must purchase medicines under the guidance of a doctor.

  Remember to take taboo diet taboos that are usually called taboos.

In the ancient literature, Changshan Boss, Shouwu, Dihuang Boss, garlic, radish, peppermint, jealous vinegar, honey and raw onions are recorded.

This means that when taking a proprietary Chinese medicine containing the above Chinese herbal medicines, it is not allowed to eat certain foods.

In addition, during the medication, should not eat cold, not easy to digest and irritating food.

  Pregnancy contraindications Some Chinese medicines have a damaging effect on the fetus. According to the different degrees of damage to the damage, the medicine can be divided into two categories.

Most of the traditional Chinese medicines containing high concentrations of toxicity or medicinal properties, such as musk scent, scorpion, scorpion, croton, etc.; most of the cautions contain some blood circulation, diarrhea and stagnation drugs, such as peach kernel,Safflower, rhubarb, medlar, aconite, dried ginger, etc.

Absolutely absolutely impossible to use, discretion should be used as appropriate, but should be avoided to prevent accidents.

  Also pay attention to the special contraindications commonly found in drug instructions, such as Chinese patent medicine containing ephedra, glaucoma supplement, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, prostatic hypertrophy patients with caution.

Compound Wuji Capsules stipulates that “the use of dampness and other evidence is used with caution”.

Spleen deficiency self-judgment and nursed back to health

Spleen deficiency self-judgment and nursed back to health

Suddenly afraid of coldness and fear of heat, don’t think that this is no vitality, don’t want to move, don’t think it’s lazy, this may be the symptoms of spleen deficiency, even the old and easy to get fat, what is the way to judge the spleen? The self-judgment method of spleen deficiencyTouch the forehead, feel the normal temperature of the body, and then touch the tip of the nose. If you feel the nose is cold, it may be spleen.

2 look at the lips color lip color pale, belonging to blood deficiency, spleen yang.

3 mouth water and more tongue, white greasy moss.

It belongs to the spleen and is wet, wet and turbid.

It is clear that it can not be biochemical, turbid up.

Then there is more saliva.

Adults who love to drool when sleeping, have regular diet, eat more spleen food, such as glutinous rice, lotus seeds, rice, tamale, yam, lentils, kidney beans, carrots, mushrooms, jujube, chestnuts, or with tangerine peelDrink water.

4 hands and feet cold Some people in the autumn and winter season, the human body does not feel the cold, but the hands and feet will always be in a cold and not warm state, this is the performance of the spleen and cold.

5 loss of appetite when moisture enters the body is most likely to hurt the spleen.

The main function of the spleen is to digest, absorb various foods and liquids that are eaten in the body, and convert these substances into nutrients that can be used by the human body to provide new energy for human metabolism.

  Most people experience appetite and digestive decline in hot and humid summers.

However, some people do not suffer from appetite and have a chronic sense of transition. However, after eating something, they have a feeling of fullness. This is also a manifestation of strong stomach and spleen.

6 get up chest tightness when getting up in the morning, if you feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness and swelling, indicating that our spleen and stomach function is relatively weak.

Chinese medicine believes that the temper is a deficiency, and the lungs are first.

  That is to say, the function of the spleen and lungs is mutually influential.

When the spleen is a certain degree, the lungs are dying, and it is prone to shortness of breath, and the performance of lung qi deficiency such as shortness of breath.

What kind of food do people with spleen eat?

(1), chestnuts: sweet, warm, spleen, stomach, kidney.

  Role: spleen and stomach, kidney and strong tendons, blood circulation to stop bleeding.

Suitable for spleen deficiency, less nausea, diarrhea.

People with qi stagnation and bloating do not eat.

(2), lentils: sweet, mild, spleen, stomach.

  Role: spleen and dampness, clear summer and medium.

It is suitable for spleen and dampness, eating less and thinner, and getting wet and vomiting.

People with qi stagnation and bloating do not eat.
(3), red dates: sweet, warm, spleen, stomach.

  Role: tonic spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

It is suitable for the spleen and stomach to be weak, the food is thin and thin, and the fatigue is weak.

Gas stagnation, damp heat and constipation are not eaten.

(4), yam: sweet, flat, spleen, lung, kidney.

  Role: qi and spleen, nourishing Yin and lung, kidney and solid.

It is suitable for temper weakness, eating less stools, and chronic diarrhea.

Those who are wet and stagnate are not eating.

(5), shiitake mushrooms: sweet, flat.

  Role: benefit stomach, support for acne.

Suitable for weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, fatigue and fatigue.

It belongs to hair, measles and skin diseases, and allergic diseases are not eaten.

(6), sweet potato: sweet, flat, return to the spleen and stomach.  Role: spleen and stomach, benefit Qi, wide stomach.

It is suitable for the spleen and stomach to be weak, thin and weak, and less diarrhea.

More food is easy to cause acid reflux, metabolic metabolism.

Avoid cold foods that are cold and tempered, such as bitter gourd, cucumber, melon, eggplant, hollow celery, 笕莱, 茭白, 葛笋, day lily, persimmon, banana, batch, pear, watermelon, green tofu, limb wheat, etc.

Among the foods that are thick and greasy, and easily hinder the function of temper transport, there are duck meat, pork turtle meat, mutton meat, milk, sesame seeds, etc.; foods that are easy to consume temper, have yang sap, radish,Coriander and so on.
How to raise spleen?

1 Pressing the foot of Sanlizu Sanli is the health care point of the human body, located below the knees.

Press 揉50 per day?
100 times, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, adjust the qi, guide stagnation and collaterals, suitable for all types of spleen and stomach diseases.

2 timed living to adhere to regular living, do not stay up late, quantitative meals, this is conducive to promoting the body’s metabolism, if the meal has been irregular, quantitative, liver and gallbladder must change with you every time, long-term long-term liver and gallbladder will be bloody, damage the spleen and stomach.

3 diets to achieve “seventy meals to eat, tea to drink 70% fragrance”, excessive diet will only increase the liver and gallbladder, the burden of digestion, so that the spleen and stomach indigestion.

4揉 Umbilical palm or palm root attached to the umbilicus, the other hand presses the back of the hand, rotates clockwise, every 5 minutes, 1 per day?
2 times.

  This method can warm the sun and dispel cold, replenish qi and blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach, digestive stagnation, and more for patients with indigestion, stomach cold, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation.

5 insist on soaking the feet to warm the spleen and stomach because the spleen and stomach are beginning in the foot, so we can warm the spleen and stomach and keep the blood by sticking to the feet.

  Method: Before going to bed, use a water of about 40 degrees to walk over the foot, soak 10?
20 minutes, by the way, massage the soles of the feet with your fingers, the heart, through the stimulation of the acupuncture points, open the meridians, warm the whole body to the body, dispel the spleen and stomach, and protect the body’s blood.

6 sorrowful over-sexual people have seven emotions and six desires. When normal, the human body’s yin and yang are in equilibrium, and if the sorrow is excessive, it will break this balance, the function of the organs such as viscera is abnormal, and the spleen and stomach begin to run poorly, which will lead to qi and blood disorders.

  Therefore, in the face of pressure, female friends should learn to release pressure, talk to friends around them, take the initiative to contact with people with positive energy, change mood; choose yoga, fitness, tourism, SPA, etc., focus on stressTo relax your body and enjoy your body and mind.

4 “toe spleen” coups toe toe or sitting position, put your feet flat, close to the ground, shoulder width, toe can practice grasping the ground, relax the combination of the way, the formation of elastic and alternating stimulation of the meridian.

Toe picking can take a little time every day, practice with two toe and three toe clips, or consciously move the toes while sitting and lying, and persevere, so the function will gradually increase.

The toe nails repeatedly push the toenails up or down, and at the same time massage the second and third toe nails.

Massage toe bad indigestion and bad breath, constipation, should be massaged in the direction of the toe to achieve the purpose of diarrhea; for the spleen and stomach, diarrhea, can be reversed to the direction of the toe.

All Western food is fattening food

All Western food is fattening food

Don’t look at the dishes, each one is only accompanied by a corner of the market. The conversion of Western food is more amazing than the full Chinese food.

The denaturation of an onion appetizer can be as high as 800 calories, not to mention the steak.

  Camouflage food: Many foods are marked by health, but in fact there is not much nutrition, such as various fruit drinks, vegetable biscuits and children’s fruit desserts.

  Big burger: increase burger, double beef patties, constant price – can you really take advantage of it?

The moment of the Big Mac can be as high as 1520 cards, which is the result of a middle-aged woman’s day.

  Stuffed bread: The bread itself is well-nourished, but with chocolate, fruit, and cream filling, the sugar and conversion double.

  The small cake is large: the cake does not seem to have so many uncles and transformations, but various high-content raw materials have been added during the processing.

Thin people who want to gain weight can use it as a normal snack.

  Coffee: The conversion of a regular Starbucks white coffee is equivalent to two or two staple foods.

It is not the fault of coffee at all, and its transformation is actually very low.

If you use it as a fattening food, it is best to choose a high-fat type, and add sugar and cream.

  The aroma of food in the supermarket: the most likely to be hungry when shopping, and then attracted by the aroma of the snacks in the supermarket, the meat products, will make people eat two things in the next meal.

When you go shopping with water and low-conversion biscuits, you can avoid eating too much food and tempting to eat too much.

  The fattening food that is hard to refuse around: more and more food, burgers, chips, salads, barbecues, pizzas, desserts. but pay attention to health while eating.

  Fried foods: All fried foods are high in content. Don’t think that fried vegetables and soy products will be healthy. They are as rich as a lot of uncles.

Recommended for a variety of hyperopia treatments

Recommended for a variety of hyperopia treatments

The hyperopic eye is due to the alignment of the eye axis. When the adjustment state is not used, the parallel light passes through the eye and the main focus falls behind the retina.

So, what are the therapeutic side treatments for hyperopia?

Here are four recommended therapeutic methods for everyone, which is very suitable for patients with presbyopia. It is very effective for long-term adherence.

Four kinds of therapeutic methods for hyperopia: black bean porridge[raw material]black bean, 100 grams of previous rice, 50 grams of floating wheat (immature wheat).

[Practice]Wrap the floating wheat with gauze and boil it with black beans. After the black beans are boiled and flowered, put them into the gauze bag of floating wheat, then add rice porridge and cook.

This porridge can be eaten once a day, morning and evening.

Second, scorpion fried pork[raw material]30 grams of medlar, 200 grams of lean pork.

[Practice]Wash the scorpion first, put it in a bowl and cook it in a cage (or water).

Cut the lean pork into silk, add the vegetable oil and fry until it is cooked quickly, add steamed hazelnuts, and stir-fry for a while (you can add salt and other seasonings).

This dish can be eaten daily.

Third, carrots and apple soy milk[raw materials]carrots, apples 50 grams each, soy milk 200 ml, lemon juice 5 ml.

[Practice]Chop the carrots and apples, add them to the juicer and mix them with the soymilk. Add the lemon juice to the mixed juice and mix well.

This drink can be taken once in the morning and in the evening.

Fourth, 枸杞 leaf pig liver soup[raw material]100 grams of loquat leaves, 200 grams of pork liver, seasonings.

[practice]Wash the leaves for use.

Wash the pig liver and slice it, add it to the boiled soup pot, add the cooking wine, chopped green onion, ginger and other seasonings, cook for 30 minutes, add the washed clams after the pig liver is cooked, and cook for about 10 minutes.

This dish can be eaten daily.

In autumn and winter, women should not forget this!

In autumn and winter, women should not forget this!

The double eleven pairs of twelve shopping festivals are coming, is your family’s foot bath barrel good?

Don’t misunderstand, the article is not to buy a foot bath in Amway, but to remind you that you should not forget to soak your feet.

The weather is dry every day, the temperature is low every day, people are lacking, so use hot water bubble feet, both to relieve fatigue and help sleep.

Women are usually easy to cold hands and feet, hot water soaked feet can change the local blood circulation, drive out the cold, promote the body’s metabolism, and ultimately achieve the purpose of health care.

The foot bath time should not be too long, it is best to control within 30 minutes, 20 minutes is appropriate, after the end of the foot bath, it is best to use emollient products to keep the skin a certain amount of moisture.

The water temperature of the foot bath should not be too high, so as to increase the blood supply burden of important organs such as heart, brain and kidney, which is not good for the body.

In the choice of bathing time, it is necessary to avoid soaking feet in the state of fullness, excess or eating. Soaking your feet immediately after eating will affect digestion and absorption. In the long run, it will lead to lack of nutrition, so it is best to take one hour after meal.After soaking feet.

After you have finished your feet, you should not be able to sleep immediately. After the body heat is slowly lowered, you will get better after going to sleep.

Obviously, the menstrual period of women is complicated. It is not recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine to soak feet. You should listen to the doctor’s advice. In addition, women in pregnancy should not soak their feet.

91 health assistants, more than health content, more learning reference, if you need to solve specific problems, it is recommended that you consult professional medical institutions in detail.

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Diabetic people should eat this way

Diabetic people should eat this way

The end-tea tea contains ingredients that lower blood sugar, so it can treat diabetes. If 4-5 times (about 200 grams) of tea is quoted every day, the physiology will feel very refreshing, full of energy, and there is no need to worry about urine sugar.

Steamed tea squid effect: tonic, stop worry and thirst, apply to diabetes thirst, drink more than heat and fever.

Ingredients: 500 grams of squid, green tea amount.

Production: Remove the squid, viscera, wash, fill the belly with green tea, put in the pan, steam on the steamer, cooked thoroughly.

Dosage: Eat once a day, light fish.

Bamboo porridge effect: can clear the heat, Xuanfei, dampness, suitable for diabetics, but also for chronic diarrhea, long diarrhea, rectal prosthesis.

Ingredients: 1 fresh bamboo shoots, 100 grams of rice.

Production: peel off fresh bamboo shoots and cook porridge with rice.

Usage: Take 2 times a day.

Pig Pancreas Add 60 grams of corn to the pancreas of the pigs. The corn must be carefully dried and re-preserved. Use about 20-40 grams per day.

In general Chinese medicine shops are equipped with corn mustard.

Small yellow rice “oil” cooks porridge with about 50 grams of high-quality small yellow rice every morning. After cooking, it is precipitated for a while, and the upper layer of “oil” soup is taken out. It is drunk for about half an hour before breakfast. The remaining rice is waiting for breakfast.Eat it at dinner, it has a good auxiliary treatment for diabetes.

Drink once a day, even if you drink for three months, it will be effective.

Spinach root porridge effect: Lee five internal organs, thirst and intestines.

Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh spinach roots, 10 grams of chicken gold, the right amount of rice.

Production: Wash the roots of spinach, chopped, and boil in the chicken with gold and water for half an hour, then add the pure rice, boiled into porridge.

Usage: Day service, 1 time a day.

The effect of the bandit pig bone soup: spleen, dampness, and yin.

Ingredients: 500 grams of pork spine, 50-100 grams of soil.

Production: Add the appropriate amount of water to the 3 bowls of pork spine, bones and oil slick, into the soil, and then fry until 2 bowls Serve, served in 2 times.

Usage: Take 1 time a day.

Yam stewed pork belly effect: nourish lung and kidney, suitable for thirst and polyuria.

Ingredients: pork belly, yam, the right amount.

Production: first cook the pork belly, then add the yam and stew to the rotten, season with a little salt.

To use: Eat on an empty stomach, take 1 time a day.