Turn hula hoop to lose weight

Turn hula hoop to lose weight

Will the hula hoop slim down?

First of all, we must consider a few key points: First, is everything you spend more than the conversion?

Don’t think that if you move, you will lose weight!

Sometimes the moments consumed by sports are not as good as imagined. For example, a 50-kilogram person climbs a mountain for half an hour, but only spends about eight minutes of rice!

If you think you have exercised, but add more food, I think you will get more than you lose!

  Second, how long have you been exercising?

How strong is the exercise?

Shaking the hula hoop can achieve the effect of exercise, but you must exercise for a long time, because the intensity of the hula hoop is not very strong, only the exercise time and continuous exercise can reach the aerobic exercise.The stage so that it can consume a small amount of body storage and too much dose.

Many people have a blind spot in their movements. They think that sweating is the sport. In fact, it is not entirely true. Some people are more resistant to heat and may not be able to sweat easily.

  Third, the heavier the hula hoop, the better?

I don’t think so!

Perhaps the heavier hula hoop must be able to move through the moment of the beginning of the hula hoop, but then it becomes a kind of inertial movement, the focus is still that you must exercise for a long time, otherwise the short time movementIt is only an anaerobic exercise, it only exchanges muscle soreness and does not consume excess energy for you.

In addition, the hula hoop will hit the cheekbone when it is swaying, and the organ inside the tail (such as the kidney), the force of the too heavy hula hoop relative to the collision will also be overcome, and there may be a crisis of injury and viscera!

Or choose a moderate weight!

  Fourth, how long should it be enough?

May wish to refer to the “3, 3, 3” campaign, exercise three times a week, every 30 minutes, the heart rate reaches 130, because the intensity of the swing hula hoop is not very strong, if you want to increase the heart rate, you mustSpeed up the shaking!

  Exercise is not a day or two. Superfluous is not caused by two days a day. No matter what kind of exercise you do, remember to grasp one principle: continuous and continuous, a little breathing and not too much asthma.

I believe that soon you will be a member of the Yi family!

Come on!

Come on!

Autumn health, beware of four diseases, skin itching, raise lungs

Autumn health, beware of four diseases, skin itching, raise lungs

The weather in autumn is very dry, and many of our friends’ skins have symptoms of itching.
Chinese medicine believes that the main fur of the lungs, through the role of clarification, will release the Weiqi and qi and blood fluids to the whole body, and warm the skin and fur to maintain normal functions. Therefore, in the article above the skin, we still need to coordinate through raising the lungs.of.
At the same time, autumn is also a high incidence of four diseases, we must have dikes.
In terms of diet, some people who are not suitable for eating should not eat. Let’s take a look at how to maintain health in the fall.
  1, the skin itching to raise the lungs In the fall, due to the temperature drop, plus wind, the climate becomes dry, many people will feel the skin becomes thicker, and even itching.
However, to solve such problems, it is not enough to rely on external hemorrhoids to moisturize the skin. “External diseases” must also be “internal treatment”, and the skin’s problems must be adjusted by raising the lungs.
  To solve the itching of autumn skin, you can start from the dysfunction of the lungs, but also distinguish the type of disease.
Generally can be divided into three categories: First, the wind-heat type, this is because of the symptoms caused by cold fever, the virus destroys the body tissue, causing itching symptoms of the skin; Second, the type of damp heat, such as eating cold food, leading to damp heat,It can cause itching of the legs, and some medicines for clearing away heat and dampness can be used. Third, the skin can not be blocked, causing the fluid to leak out of the body and accumulating moisture and causing itching.
  In addition to drinking plenty of water in the fall, you should also drink more porridge, soy milk, eat more radish, lotus root, lotus root, pear, honey and other foods that moisturize the lungs, nourish the yin and dry, especially pears, have a thirst, cough and reduce痰, clear heat and reduce fire, nourishing blood and muscle, lungs and dryness and other functions.
Try to eat less or not eat chili, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and other hot items, eat less fried, fatty foods, in order to prevent the symptoms of autumn dryness.
If you have skin itching symptoms, you can use cilantro soaked wine to quickly relieve itching.
  2, careful prevention of rheumatic heart disease Rheumatic heart valve disease is also known as chronic rheumatic heart disease, which is a heart disease left after acute rheumatic carditis, it is mainly heart valve disease.
The weather in autumn is getting colder. The temperature difference between day and night is also very large. Our body’s resistance will also drop significantly, which is easy to induce rheumatic heart disease.
  3, to prevent neurasthenia After the fall, the unstable temperature has a certain impact on people’s mind and body.
Neurasthenia is a common neurological disorder. Patients often feel lack of mental and physical strength, are prone to fatigue, work inefficiency, often have headaches and other physical discomforts and sleep disorders, but no organic lesions exist.
  4, to prevent hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids refers to the swelling of blood vessels inside and outside the anus.
Causes include heredity, aging, pregnancy, long-term diarrhea, and excessive use of laxatives for constipation.
The dry air in the autumn lacks moisture, and the regulation function of the human body is easily disordered, and the acne is induced by the condition of dry stool and constipation.
  Autumn diet 9 should not be suitable for entering the autumn, the temperature becomes cool and pleasant, the temperature is lowered, the appetite of the person is gradually enhanced, and the digestive power is also improved, which is a good season to make up for the lack of nutrition due to the hot summer temperature.
At the same time, this time is the season of harvest. The variety of animals is delicious, the variety of vegetables and fruits is complete, and the quantity is many. It is the best season for arranging autumn supplements.
However, if it is not properly arranged, it is also easy to cause overnutrition or improper eating and injury, then it is necessary to pay attention to eating some timely food in the autumn.
  Yi – Tremella Tremella has the effect of enhancing cellular immunity and humoral immunity, and can also reduce the immune function caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy in tumor patients, inhibit the growth of tumor cells, and eat more white fungus in autumn to prevent dry skin.
  Not suitable – fat foods Chinese medicine believes that the main lungs in autumn, the main smell of the lungs.
If the lungs are too high, it will often lead to liver depression.
Autumn dry and easy to hurt the body fluid.
Therefore, in the diet, to prevent dry yin, nourishing yin and lungs, avoid eating fat food.
  Appropriate – Apple Vitamin C in apples is a healthy element of cardiovascular protection and heart disease patients.
  Chinese medicine believes that apples have the effects of thirst, lungs, troubles, spleen and stomach, nourishing the heart, nourishing the intestines, stopping diarrhea, relieving heat, and sobering.
  Apples are rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber pectin, sugar, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are very good for health. For example, if gelatin dietary fiber can not only play a laxative role, but also help reduceBlood sugar, lowering blood fat, cleaning up the toxins in the body.
  Eating more apples in the fall can help eliminate fatigue, moisturize the lungs and nourish the yin, and it is also good for preventing cold diseases.
  Not suitable – strong tea and coffee Autumn is easy to heat, get angry, it is easier to feel dry mouth and even sore throat.
Drink tea and coffee as little as possible during this season. Because of the diuretic effect of theophylline and caffeine in tea and coffee, the body’s water loss will be accelerated, which will aggravate people’s internal heat and fire.
  If you drink too much tea and coffee, caffeine is too much, the nervous system is more exciting, and there are symptoms such as palpitations and tachycardia.
  Suitable – Honey Honey contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins and sugars that are easily absorbed by the body. It is an excellent skin care product for the skin.
It has the functions of strengthening body, improving intelligence, increasing hemoglobin and improving myocardium. In autumn, eating more honey can promote digestion, prevent “autumn dryness” from harming the human body, and play the role of moistening the lungs and nourishing the lungs, and achieve the effect of detoxification and beauty.
  Experts recommend drinking salt water during the day and drinking honey water at night. It is a good way to replenish the body’s water, and it is also a good diet for autumn health and anti-aging.
  Not suitable – spicy food “Less Xinxin” is a principle of Chinese medicine nutrition about the autumn diet.
The so-called Shaoxin is to eat less spicy food. This is because the lungs are gold, ventilated in autumn, the lungs are in the autumn, and the spicy taste is less, so as to prevent the lungs from being too strong.  In autumn, the weather is high, the air is dry, the humidity is small, and people are prone to symptoms such as dry throat and dry cough. This is caused by dry evil and lung injury.
At this time, you should eat less spicy, spicy food, such as onions, ginger, pepper, pepper, to prevent Xin Wen help, increase the symptoms of lung dryness.
  Yili-Lily In the autumn, the air humidity is small and the wind is strong. Under such climatic conditions, the human sweat evaporates quickly, which is easy to cause a large loss of body water. This is the so-called “dryness and hurt people, easy to hurt the body fluid.”
“Lily is sweet and cold, and it has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, clearing the heart and calming the nerves. It has a good preventive effect on autumn dryness.
  Not suitable – fried food fried chicken legs, fried oysters and other fried foods, difficult to digest after eating in autumn, easy to accumulate in the stomach.
In addition, the gastrointestinal function is weak, and eating greasy fried foods will aggravate the heat accumulated in the body, which is not conducive to the body’s ability to adapt to the dryness of autumn.
  Suitable – carrots Also known as small ginseng, as well as rich in vitamins A, C and carotene, with the effect of tonifying the spleen and strengthening the stomach and nourishing the liver.
Carotene and vitamin A contained in carrots are fat-soluble substances that can be absorbed by the body under the action of oils and fats.
In the dry season, eating some carrots can enhance the skin’s ability to resist damage and moisturize the skin.
  不宜——水生植物  水生植物大部分在秋季成熟,但同时也是带最多囊蚴的时节,这时生吃如荸荠、茭笋、菱角等水生植物易受姜片虫感染,姜片虫是寄生在A trematode in the human body, usually parasitic in the small intestine, is firmly adsorbed on the intestinal wall by the action of the suction cup, which easily causes inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, hemorrhage, edema, ulcers, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.
  Suitable – brown rice Although the white rice is white and delicate, the processed rice and the enamel part of the millet are rubbed together during the grinding process. The brown rice retains more comprehensive nutrition and retains more vitamins.
Regular consumption of brown rice in the fall can prevent arteriosclerosis, improve memory, and eliminate anxiety and anxiety.
  Not suitable – greasy foods Greasy foods contain a lot of calories, are not easy to digest, can also block the absorption of nutrients, stomach in autumn, try to eat less or not greasy food.
  Yi – Eggplant Eggplant is not only a popular vegetable with good quality, but also a therapeutic food.
Chinese medicine believes that eggplant is cool and sweet, has the functions of clearing away heat, stopping bleeding, relieving swelling and relieving pain, phlegm and wind, and widening the intestines. After eating autumn, eating eggplant can reduce “fire”, except autumn dryness.
  Not suitable – ginger “In one year, autumn does not eat ginger; within one day, no ginger at night”, it is better to eat less ginger in the fall.
Because the autumn climate is dry, dryness hurts the lungs, and eating spicy ginger, it is more likely to damage the lungs and exacerbate the body’s loss of water and dryness.
  Yi – lotus root 藕 can be used as both fruit and delicacies.
藕 Whether it is raw or cooked, it has good medicinal value.
Chinese medicine believes that sputum is cold, sweet and cool into the stomach, can eliminate cold blood, clear trouble, and stop vomiting.
The folks have the saying that “newly tender and tender, win the doctor.”
Eat lotus root in autumn, nourishing yin and moistening, clearing the heart and soothe the nerves.
  Not suitable – barbecue Barbecue is usually made from chicken, beef and lamb, and placed in an open flame or microwave oven.
These foods are warm and require more saliva to participate in digestion when eating. It is easy to get angry after eating and aggravate the symptoms of autumn dryness.
  Yi – Red Bean Red Bean has a high medicinal and good health care effect.
Eating red beans in autumn can be healthy, because in most parts of China, after a long period of time in autumn, the temperature is usually higher, and the air humidity is also larger. Under such climatic conditions, the spleen and stomach should be adjusted first.
Conditioning the spleen and stomach should focus on heat, dampness and spleen, while red beans just have the above effects, which can release the damp heat in the body in time, promote the recovery of spleen and stomach function, while red beans also have a good blood-supplying effect, laying a foundation for autumn and winter tonicbasis.
  Not suitable – cold fruit The folk song said that “autumn melon bad belly” means that after the autumn, continue to eat a lot of melons, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases.
Watermelon, pear, and grape are cool in nature, and the adaptability of the gastrointestinal tract to the cold food after the fall is reduced. Therefore, the cold fruit after the autumn should be eaten less, especially the frozen watermelon, but not as fast as the summer.Otherwise it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach and cause other diseases.

Childlike and childlike

Childlike and childlike

The aging of life is irresistible, and a mature old man should pursue childlikeness and keep his spirit young.

If the child is not old, he will be happy and forget the worry. I don’t know that the old is coming, which has extended my youth and life invisibly.

The elderly keep a small heart, can communicate their feelings with children, and make themselves live a happy and happy, get rid of suffocation, and have great significance for rejuvenation.

A child is not old, he will be full of vitality, life is full of happiness, there will be a spiritual world forever young.

Pursuing childlikeness is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Shakespeare’s succinct words on this physiological phenomenon: “The second child of the elderly.”

There used to be a saying: “The old and the young are close.” When the old days were auspicious, the banner of “children’s words and ignorance” was often posted on the door, and the old and the small were linked together. Therefore, the word “old and small” was used.

  Lu You, a patriotic poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, was 85 years old.

The reason why he has this high life, in addition to health and well-being, more importantly, he has a childlike heart.

“When it’s time to go out, let’s take a ride.

“From this poem, it is not rough, Lu You went to the old age, and often played games with his grandchildren on horses and horses.

Mr. Lu Xun once reminded us: “To learn children, the child is admirable. He often thinks of the realm above the stars and moons, thinks about the posture below the ground, thinks about the use of flowers, thinks of the language of insects; he wants to fly into the sky, he wantsWant to sneak into the ant hole.” Lu Xun believes that “game is the most legitimate behavior of children, toys are children’s angels.”

This fully demonstrates his understanding of children and his eternal childlike heart.

The pursuit of childlikeness in the elderly is a good thing for health. Modern medical research shows that the elderly maintain a childlike heart, carefree, and often open, can secrete a variety of beneficial hormones, such as enzymes, acetylcholine.Etc., these substances can regulate the life of blood vessels, blood flow, metabolism, nerve excitement and inhibition to the best state, thereby promoting metabolism, enhancing disease resistance, and achieving longevity.

  So, how can the elderly be childlike and happy?

  I often remember childhood.

Older people experience the gradual and aging of the years, the recent memory becomes faded, and the clearest memory is often the childhood.

Therefore, the elderly do not hinder the frequent recall of childhood childhood hide-and-seek, kite flying or go out to play and other fun things, can make the child’s heart re-emerge, feel comfortable and refreshed.

  More friends.

The old man likes the children’s words and demeanor, likes to play and play with the children, and Dazhi is foolish, and he is a good way to keep himself childlike.

The elderly will relive the childhood time again and again from the child’s demeanor and speech, so that the soul will become a great comfort, thus creating a sense of cherish for the life of old age, cherish this infinitely beautiful “twilight”,Inspire a positive mentality.

The laughter and laughter of the children can make the old people feel young, which can eliminate the psychological depression of the elderly, dispel the troubles of the elderly, reduce loneliness and loneliness, and increase interest.

  Regular reading of childhood books.

Fairytales fables are simple, but people often realize deep philosophies and sense of humor after reading.

Therefore, the elderly often read fairytale fables, replacing each other’s interest in capturing childhood life, but also cultivate sentiment and enrich life. In a happy smile, all fatigue and troubles are eliminated in the words, so that the elderlyLife is full of confidence and gradually becomes lively and cheerful, which is good for health and longevity.

  More pursuit of fashion.

Advancing with the times, the children’s interest in the elderly is also manifested in the pursuit of fashion, such as engaging in “old fashion”, makeup and beauty, catching up with the tide, chatting online, coming to the dusk to make up wedding photos, and holding hands before the flowersKissing the face, making up a token, etc. are very beneficial to the physical health of the elderly.

  It is a pity that some people are not used to causing the phenomenon. They do not understand it. They think that this is an “old and unfair.”

At present, the party and the government have attached great importance to the establishment of laws and regulations to protect the elderly. At the same time, they must also vigorously advocate the new civilization and understand filial piety. People should not lose sight of the “old children” who are childlike and happy.To accept these “old children.”

As long as one pursues childlike interest and maintains a childlike heart, one can maintain youthful vitality.

Then we can make a healthy and happy life play colorful movements, such as the richness of autumn chrysanthemum, the splendour of autumn, the fullness of autumn, and the infiniteness of autumn light.

This is also the best way to keep in good health.

Find acupuncture points and follow 8 common diseases

Find acupuncture points and follow 8 common diseases

We often say massage, so what is the real effect of massage?

How to massage is the really effective way.

At the same time, what kind of massage do we need to take to eradicate the disease?

All kinds of problems are revealed in the following articles.

  Chen Lifu, founder of China Medical University, is 103 years old. One of his health tips is to practice Ba Duan Jin and take a shower and massage every morning.

Do you want to emulate him, most worried that there is not enough time to massage the whole body?

It doesn’t matter, we sort out the 8 big problems common to modern people, teach you to press the acupuncture points and say goodbye to the pain.

  First, the headache: Baihui acupoint can solve most of the headaches, outdoor heat and heat is dizzying, once into the indoor low temperature air-conditioned room, the original expanded blood vessels, muscles contract instantly, more headaches.

  Massage method: At this time, you can bias the Baihui point on the top of the head (the two ears go up to the top of the head), so that the whole body is smooth.

The temple of the wrist (the palm of the hand, the fist, the edge of the palm near the little finger, the depression on the horizontal stripes of the wrist is the acupoint) has a calming effect.

The temples that you noticed (in the depression between the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes) can alleviate the damage of the side headaches.

  If the headache is on the forehead, try to massage the Hegu (the horizontal line of the first knuckle of the thumb, put it on the tiger’s mouth of the other hand, and press down on the fingertip of the thumb, which is the Hegu point).

If it is back pain, you can insert your hands into the “wind pool” (before and after the posterior tibia, the hairline and the lateral ribs of the spine, called the muscle starting point), soothing symptoms.

  Second, eye fatigue: follow the eye frame bone massage around the eyes to feel soreness staring at the computer, TV, reading books, reading documents, eyes sour and uncomfortable, can penetrate the acupuncture points around the eyes to ease.

  Massage method: follow the eyelid bones, from the upper eye corners of the eyes, gently step on the eyebrows of the eyebrows, the eye points of the eyes, the weeping points of the lower edge of the eyes, the temples above the forehead, etc. untilIt feels sore and can improve the blood circulation of the eyes and stimulate the muscles around the eyes to relieve discomfort.

  Intimate reminder: high eye pressure, glaucoma, high blood pressure or eyes have redness and heat pain, avoid acupuncture points.

  Third, allergic rhinitis, cough: Yingxiang cure rhinitis, Shao Shangping cough, allergic people in the summer will be more obvious in the cold room.

Low temperature will irritate the nasal cavity, trachea, especially the cold air filter that contains dirt and dirt, accumulate a lot of dust, easily cause respiratory problems, stop running nose, sneezing, coughing.

  Massage method: Alleviation of allergic rhinitis can stimulate Yingxiang, Yintang.

The Yingxiang point is located at the edge of the outer edge of the nose. The Yintang point is in the middle of the two brows. Both acupuncture points can be depressed in the nose, and blockage until the feeling of fever can be solved.

If you have a sore throat or cough, try Tiantuo and Shaoshang.

Tiantuo is located in the middle of the upper edge of the sternum stem. It is a stronghold for breath, and it can relieve asthma, phlegm and qi.

Shaoshang is a lung, located at the inner edge of the base of the thumb nail. It is a special effect point for treating throat symptoms and can relieve sore throat.

  In addition, the usual health care can block the Fengchi acupoint, located in the depression of the neck and the back of the head, about the hairline, the wind pool hole to go through the gallbladder, to help clear the heat.

  Fourth, shoulder and neck pain: a wide range of massage shoulder neck and upper back shoulder neck stiffness and soreness is almost a leak of every office worker.

  Massage method: to relieve the discomfort of rehabilitation, you can hold your head and press the wind and the wind pool.

The Fengfu Point is located at the center of the posterior cerebral palsy, which is located at the center of the fingertip. The wind pool is located at the posterior humerus, the hairline and the lateral ribs of the spine.

The simple method provided by the experts is to slowly press the ear from the wind pool to the ear, and there are many acupuncture points that can be relaxed and replaced.

  Soothe the shoulder stiffness, try the Tianzong point, located in the upper back, about the center of the shoulder blade. The method of taking the hole is the upper body erect, the left hand is attached to the right shoulder one-half, the finger is naturally vertical, and the middle finger touches the fingertip.The point is the Tianzong point.

  However, if the spindle hole can not be pressed by yourself, you can ask your family and friends for help.

For example, the commonly used shoulder hole, one person sitting, the other standing behind the back of both hands on the back of the back massager sitting at the shoulder hole (at the vertical and vertical intersection of the ear).

You can also ask your family to do a wide range of massage at the top and end, and touch the shoulders in the middle of the shoulder, the shoulders outside the Shu point can alleviate the tight muscles.

  V. Gastrointestinal dysfunction: Clockwise massage of the acupuncture points around the navel. Most people have gastrointestinal dysfunction. Although it is not a serious illness, the symptoms are quite annoying.

  Massage method: flatulence makes people feel restless, blocking Neiguan and Tianshu points can help to eliminate flatulence.

The Neiguan point is placed at the distance between the three sides of the wrist with a thumb, and the thumb is forced to stop, and the feeling is gradually disappeared.

The Tianshu point is 2 inches (about 3 fingers) on both sides of the navel, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.

  When constipation, insert the fingertip into the middle acupoint (4 inches above the navel), the hole (4 inches below the elbow), Tianshu point, Hegu point, all help the stomach contraction.

Or along the ascending colon (right abdomen from bottom to top), the transverse colon (from the right to the left of the abdomen umbilical) descending the colon (left abdomen from top to bottom) clockwise, will press the prostate to promote gastrointestinal motility acupuncture points, there areHelp defecation.  Stomach pain, don’t rush to swallow stomach medicine, massage or heat the foot three miles (3 inches below the knee joint), press the middle point, Tianshu point can not relieve the pain.

According to the usual maintenance of gastrointestinal function, you can massage the spleen and Zusanli points to strengthen the gastrointestinal function. The spleen is the side of the big toe of the foot to the center of the calf, gently pressing from the bottom to the top or hot compressing 5?
10 minutes.

  Sixth, physiological discomfort: Sanyinjiao can relieve pain and suffer from menstrual disorders caused by excessive cold, excessive amount of menstruation, painful pain, some people even have to take painkillers to relieve pain.

  Massage method: try to see the stimulating line between the menstrual pain, Sanyinjiao.

The inter-row point is located between the big toenail and the second toenail, which can help clear the liver and help relieve the stagnation of liver qi.

  The distance above the upper part of the foot is 4 fingers wide, and the Sanyinjiao in the bone part above the lower leg is the intersection point of the spleen, liver and kidney. During the period, only people with abdominal pain should be too cold and condense the lower abdomen.Stimulating Sanyinjiao can remove blood stasis in the body, produce new blood, relieve pain, and go to the cold.

For other physiological period damage, you can try to massage the foot Taixi (the kidney yin, located at the midpoint of the internal reduction tip and the big rib on the heel), Zusanli (invigorating the qi), and other acupoints, thus solving the physiological cycle interval.

  Seven, cold hands and feet: Yongquan points promote blood circulation physique deficient cold, poor blood circulation, often cold hands and feet, have been in the air-conditioned room, respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, especially the elderly lower limbs cold, is the cause of the heart, cerebrovascularOne of the main causes of the rupture.

  Massage method: press the spring (can nourish yin and tonify the kidney, the first half of the bottom of the sole of the foot, the gap between the 2nd and 3rd toe nails extends to the heel line), Guan Yuan (3 inches under the navel), Zusanli comprehensively promotes bloodCycle to reduce uncomfortable symptoms.

  Yongquan Point is also known as the “Longevity Point”, which is the first point of the Kidney. The Emperor’s Internal Classic says: The kidney is out of the spring, and the spring is full of heart.

That is, the gas of the kidney is like the water of the source, reorganizing the foot.

Often massaged out of the hole can be intravenous injection, insomnia, dreams, dizziness, headache and other perfusion.

  Eight, insomnia: Hegu, Shenmen points help Anshen Taiwan has a quarter of people who can’t sleep well.

Poke acupuncture points to help the blood run smoothly and help you sleep.

  Massage method: first try the Shenmen hole, the method of acupoint is to palm, clench your fist, the palm edge is close to the little finger side, the depression on the wrist transverse stripes is the acupuncture point, press the acupuncture point with the thumb, calm and soothe the nerves.

  Hegu acupoints can relieve qi and relieve pain. Neiguan Acupoints are friendly to the nerves, relieve qi and relieve pain, relieve chest palpitations and insomnia symptoms.

  Tip: Is it best to block acupuncture points?

  At present, there is no standard in the Chinese medicine community, but the consensus is to prevent the acupuncture points from being used for health purposes.
20 seconds, then rest for 5 seconds, repeat 10?
For 15 minutes, if you want to relieve the pain, you should continue to press until you feel pain.

It is necessary to press the feeling, but it is not painful.

  Beating the meridian is the same as pressing the acupuncture point.

When taking a hole, 1 inch is a finger width (thumb), 1.

5 inches is two fingers wide and 2 inches is three fingers wide.

All Western food is fattening food

All Western food is fattening food

Don’t look at the dishes, each one is only accompanied by a corner of the market. The conversion of Western food is more amazing than the full Chinese food.

The denaturation of an onion appetizer can be as high as 800 calories, not to mention the steak.

  Camouflage food: Many foods are marked by health, but in fact there is not much nutrition, such as various fruit drinks, vegetable biscuits and children’s fruit desserts.

  Big burger: increase burger, double beef patties, constant price – can you really take advantage of it?

The moment of the Big Mac can be as high as 1520 cards, which is the result of a middle-aged woman’s day.

  Stuffed bread: The bread itself is well-nourished, but with chocolate, fruit, and cream filling, the sugar and conversion double.

  The small cake is large: the cake does not seem to have so many uncles and transformations, but various high-content raw materials have been added during the processing.

Thin people who want to gain weight can use it as a normal snack.

  Coffee: The conversion of a regular Starbucks white coffee is equivalent to two or two staple foods.

It is not the fault of coffee at all, and its transformation is actually very low.

If you use it as a fattening food, it is best to choose a high-fat type, and add sugar and cream.

  The aroma of food in the supermarket: the most likely to be hungry when shopping, and then attracted by the aroma of the snacks in the supermarket, the meat products, will make people eat two things in the next meal.

When you go shopping with water and low-conversion biscuits, you can avoid eating too much food and tempting to eat too much.

  The fattening food that is hard to refuse around: more and more food, burgers, chips, salads, barbecues, pizzas, desserts. but pay attention to health while eating.

  Fried foods: All fried foods are high in content. Don’t think that fried vegetables and soy products will be healthy. They are as rich as a lot of uncles.