Simple and effective abdominal weight loss massage

Simple and effective abdominal weight loss massage

Abdominal weight loss massage is a simple and effective method. It is suitable for many diseases of the digestive system nervous system and urinary system. It can also be used as a method to eliminate the abnormally strong body of the abdomen. This method is easy to learn, comfortable and effective.Quick and other advantages.


Abdominal weight loss massage method requirements: (1) two-finger stacking method: If according to the law, according to the weight of the weight of the beat pulse and no pain is appropriate.

  (2) Wave pushing method: two fingers close together, naturally straight, the left palm is inserted into the back of the right finger, the right palm refers to the abdomen, push forward with force, and then the left palm presses backward, pushingOnce, moving slowly from top to bottom, like a spray in the water.


Acupoint selection and operation requirements for abdominal weight loss massage.

  Acupoint selection: Guanyuan point, Zhongyu point, Tianshu point, the position of clinical massage Tianshu point is actually about 1 inch on the left and right umbilical slope, there is a point where the artery should be pointed, and the height is not attached to the point.When the Tianshu, sometimes feel that the two waists are swollen, there is a cold wind down the two waists, the feeling of two feet numbness, a loose hand, another hot air down the two senses.

  Operational requirements: During operation, instruct the person to lie on the bed, unfasten the buckle and the belt, wear only a thin piece of clothing on the abdomen, and the surgeon faces the recipient and sits on the bed.

First, the wave-type pressing method is moved from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen 3-4 times, and then the three-finger stacking method is applied to the middle of the sputum, Zuo Tianshu, Guanyuan three points, and each hole is pressed for 2-3 minutes.

Each time you press a hole, the wave push method is two or three times. The weight is comfortable and painless, and the artery is the main hand.

Every time you operate for about 20 minutes, once a day, but after meals or when it is particularly dry, it is not suitable for operation.

  After a month of massage, take a few days off and massage.

The health hazard of fruit slimming

The health hazard of fruit slimming

The benefits of fruit, it seems to say can not be said: can be beauty and beauty, can help digestion, can supplement the body’s needed nutrition.


Many people lose weight by eating fruits.

Is this really the case?

Uncover the truth of the “5 major recipes” for fruit weight loss, let you know that: fruit is a good thing, not a panacea, too much dependence on fruit, not only can not lose weight beauty, but also may be harmful to your health.

  Remedy 1: To lose weight quickly, is it effective to eat banana and honey?

  Banana plasma glucose fiber can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and help excretion.

If you don’t eat anything, just eat bananas and honey, the conversion is much lower than the dinner, and naturally it will be slimmed down.

However, in such a rapid weight loss, the body often reacts badly because it is not well adapted.

If you are relying on bananas for a long time, your body lacks specific nutrients such as protein and minerals, and your body will give you a dangerous alarm.

  Remedy 2: Can grapefruit replace some meals in the day to help you lose weight?

  Grapefruit vitamin C, sugar is not high, if you eat grapefruit instead of a meal, the conversion is of course low, if other food changes are also controlled properly, then naturally slim down.

However, if your constitution is weak, it is best to eat a few high-fibre soda crackers to prevent stomach pain caused by acidity that may not be affected by fasting.

  Recipe 3: There is a lemon vinegar on the market, can you enjoy beauty?

  Citric acid vitamins can reduce the incidence of freckles, dark spots, and some whitening effects.

Lemon and vinegar also have the effect of breaking down tiny effects. After a meal, a small drink really makes you more beautiful.

But the acidity of lemon and vinegar is very high, and drinking or drinking too much on an empty stomach can hurt the stomach.

  Remedies 4: Continue to eat “Apple Meal” to lose weight?

  Apples are low-calorie, high-nutrition fruits, and as such, many people use it for weight-loss meals.

You should know that compared with general meals, apples are much less transformed, and of course they will be slimmed down. But in the long run, the imbalance of nutrition will change the body’s inability to eat, and once stopped, the weight will slowly rise.

  Remeling 5: In the diet meal prepared by the dietitian, is the only fruit that is included in the guava and tomato?

  The diet recipes listed by the dietitian are adjusted according to each person’s different physiques and needs. They are not static and the fruits are different from person to person.

Therefore, definitely not only guava and tomato will be included in the weight loss menu.

Hot summer – what should I eat?

Hot summer – what should I eat?

In summer, the human body’s qi and blood astringent body surface, diet should be focused on heat and heat, spleen and qi.

The hot summer stimuli cause the nerve center to be in a state of tension, digestive weakening, appetite not open, and poor appetite.

Eat lighter, less digestible foods.

Fruits and vegetables can not be less, both nutrition and heat.


Duck eggs make up the summer custom, and eat eggs in summer, called “Summer”, so that people will not lose weight in summer, do not lose weight, strength and strength, work hard.

Salty duck eggs are rich in calcium, iron and other inorganic salts. They contain calcium and iron. They are higher than eggs and fresh duck eggs. They are the first choice for calcium and iron in summer.


The lotus seed raises the heart and the heart is the summer season. At this time, the heart is the most vulnerable, and the heat is easy to be irritated and sad, and it is easy to hurt.

Although the taste of lotus seed core is bitter, it can be clear heart fire, it is the best product to nourish the heart and calm the nerves, and it can also strengthen the stomach.


The octopus blood octopus has the effect of nourishing blood and qi, treating ulcers and swollen poison.

It is rich in nutrients such as protein and minerals, and it also needs to overcome anti-fatigue, anti-aging, and can extend human life and other important health care factors – natural taurine.

Most people can eat, especially suitable for weak constitution, lack of blood, malnourished people to eat.


Strawberry detoxification is the season of strawberry production.

Edible strawberries can promote the formation of human cells, maintain the normal function of teeth, bones, blood vessels, muscles and promote wound healing, enhance the body’s resistance, and also detoxification.

Strawberry contains a variety of organic acids, fruit acids and pectin substances, which can decompose trace amounts in food, promote the secretion and perfusion of digestive juices, and eliminate excess crystals and harmful heavy metals.


Lettuce aerated lettuce contains a large amount of plant cellulose, can promote intestinal wall peristalsis, Tongli digestive tract, can treat constipation, is the best food for patients with anemia.

Recommended houttuynia lettuce.

It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, dampness and dampness.


In the anti-cancer mushroom protein of the straw mushroom, the human body has eight essential amino acids, and the content is high, accounting for 38% of the amino acid content.

2%, can inhibit the growth of vitamins, especially for the treatment of digestive tract tumors, can strengthen the vitality of liver and kidney.


The various nutrients required by the human body in pea-clear peas, especially rich in high-quality protein, can improve the body’s disease resistance and recovery ability.

The potential crude fiber in pea beans can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, keep the stool smooth, and thus clean the function of the large intestine.


Eggplant is resistant to the human body in the summer, and contains vitamin E in eggplant. It has the function of preventing bleeding and anti-aging. Eating eggplant can delay the aging of the human body.

Eggplant is one of the few purple vegetables. It is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P in its purple skin, which cannot be replaced by other vegetables.

Eight methods of bedtime care for disease prevention and longevity

Eight methods of bedtime care for disease prevention and longevity

The eight methods of bedtime health care are a kind of benign health care method without side effects. If long-term persistence can promote the metabolism of the whole body, it can positively promote the disease prevention and longevity.

  First, the armor of the armor: the index finger of the two hands, the middle finger, the ring finger is bent to 45 degrees, and the scalp is massaged back and forth with the nail end at a speed of eight times per second for one to two minutes, which can strengthen the blood supply, enhance blood circulation, and accelerate sleep.

  Second, the two palms and ears: that is, the sides of the thumb of the two palms cling to the lower end of the front ear, from bottom to top, from front to back, rubbing the ears for 1 to 2 minutes.

It can clear the meridians, clear away heat and calm the nerves, and prevent hearing loss.

  Third, the two palms face: the palm of the hand close to the face, with two speeds twice to ease all parts of the face, 1 to 2 minutes, can clear the head meridians, promote sleep anti-wrinkle.

  Fourth, try to neck and shoulders: that is, the two palms alternately rub the neck and shoulder muscles at a speed of twice per minute, focusing on the back of the neck for 1-2 minutes, which can relieve fatigue and prevent neck and shoulder blades.

  Fifth, push the chest back: that is, the thumb side of the palm of the hand, at the speed of twice per second, push the back and the chest from top to bottom, focusing on the front chest and the back waist, a total of about 2 to 3Minutes, can be strong, healthy waist, dredge the dirty meridians.

  Sixth, the palm pushes the legs: that is, the two hands are opposite, close to the upper end of the lower limb, at a frequency of once per second, from the upper and lower limbs for 1 minute, and then push the other lower limb for 1 minute according to the method, this method can lift the lower limbsFatigue, dredge the six meridians.

  Seven, exchange the lame: that is, the right foot palm rubs all parts of the left instep, and then use the left foot to rub all parts of the right instep.

Then use your right heel to rub your left foot.

Then use the left heel to rub the right foot for about 2 to 3 minutes.

This method can eliminate the fatigue of both feet and penetrate the blood and meridians.

  Eight, the palm of the hand: the two palms overlap the abdomen at a rate of one or two times per second, continue to ring all parts of the abdomen, focus on the umbilicus and surrounding, a total of about 2 to 3 minutes, this method can strengthen the spleen and stomach,Promote digestion and absorption.

When you cast the spell, you need to close your eyes and calm your mind. The mind is quiet, the tip of the tongue is light and the top is full, the limbs are fully relaxed. The 1-7 method can be used for sitting position, and the eighth method can be used for supine operation.

The anion eight method should be applied close to the skin, and the stronger the penetration, the better.

The operation time of the eight methods is about 12-18 minutes. The old and the weak can cast 12 minutes. The young and strong people can apply for 18 minutes in a row. After the cast, the limbs are relaxed and should fall asleep safely.

Diabetic people should eat this way

Diabetic people should eat this way

The end-tea tea contains ingredients that lower blood sugar, so it can treat diabetes. If 4-5 times (about 200 grams) of tea is quoted every day, the physiology will feel very refreshing, full of energy, and there is no need to worry about urine sugar.

Steamed tea squid effect: tonic, stop worry and thirst, apply to diabetes thirst, drink more than heat and fever.

Ingredients: 500 grams of squid, green tea amount.

Production: Remove the squid, viscera, wash, fill the belly with green tea, put in the pan, steam on the steamer, cooked thoroughly.

Dosage: Eat once a day, light fish.

Bamboo porridge effect: can clear the heat, Xuanfei, dampness, suitable for diabetics, but also for chronic diarrhea, long diarrhea, rectal prosthesis.

Ingredients: 1 fresh bamboo shoots, 100 grams of rice.

Production: peel off fresh bamboo shoots and cook porridge with rice.

Usage: Take 2 times a day.

Pig Pancreas Add 60 grams of corn to the pancreas of the pigs. The corn must be carefully dried and re-preserved. Use about 20-40 grams per day.

In general Chinese medicine shops are equipped with corn mustard.

Small yellow rice “oil” cooks porridge with about 50 grams of high-quality small yellow rice every morning. After cooking, it is precipitated for a while, and the upper layer of “oil” soup is taken out. It is drunk for about half an hour before breakfast. The remaining rice is waiting for breakfast.Eat it at dinner, it has a good auxiliary treatment for diabetes.

Drink once a day, even if you drink for three months, it will be effective.

Spinach root porridge effect: Lee five internal organs, thirst and intestines.

Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh spinach roots, 10 grams of chicken gold, the right amount of rice.

Production: Wash the roots of spinach, chopped, and boil in the chicken with gold and water for half an hour, then add the pure rice, boiled into porridge.

Usage: Day service, 1 time a day.

The effect of the bandit pig bone soup: spleen, dampness, and yin.

Ingredients: 500 grams of pork spine, 50-100 grams of soil.

Production: Add the appropriate amount of water to the 3 bowls of pork spine, bones and oil slick, into the soil, and then fry until 2 bowls Serve, served in 2 times.

Usage: Take 1 time a day.

Yam stewed pork belly effect: nourish lung and kidney, suitable for thirst and polyuria.

Ingredients: pork belly, yam, the right amount.

Production: first cook the pork belly, then add the yam and stew to the rotten, season with a little salt.

To use: Eat on an empty stomach, take 1 time a day.