Spring liver management is the primary liver raising. You know six treasures?


Spring liver management is the primary liver raising. You know six treasures?

The liver is the body’s largest detoxification, metabolic organ.

Whether the liver is good or not is closely related to the health of the human body, so the maintenance of the liver cannot be ignored.

The best season for raising the liver during the year is now-spring.

So, what should we do to raise liver and protect the liver during the Spring Festival?

  Spring nourishing liver has six treasures of liver food recommended one: boiled water to drink enough water every day, because water can speed up metabolism, promote intestinal detoxification, reduce the burden on the liver.

It is recommended to drink a cup of warm boiled water on an empty stomach every morning after getting up.

  Recommended food for nourishing the liver: green vegetables and green wood, into the liver, with the function of Shugan, strong liver, can eliminate fatigue, prevent liver disease.

Green represents a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, and is a food that provides the vitamins, cellulose and minerals that the body needs.

Common green foods include mung beans, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, loofah, celery, leeks, green peppers, sage, and lettuce.

  Recommended food for nourishing liver: mushroom spring is the season of mushroom hypertrophy, while mushroom is rich in nutrients, containing amino acids, sterols, 5-guanylic acid, sodium glutamate, minerals, vitamins, etc.
Mushrooms also contain polysaccharides that are beneficial to the human body. Experiments have shown that their binary has the dual function of regulating immunity and anti-tumor. Patients with liver diseases should often eat mushrooms.

  Liver food recommended four: carrots and carrots are rich in vitamin A (carotene), known as the first food for liver health.

This is because after carotene is absorbed by the body, 50% of carotene becomes vitamin A under the action of enzymes.

Vitamin A has the effect of nourishing the liver.

For patients with liver disease, eating carrots can increase the level of vitamin A and indirectly prevent cancer.

  Liver-recognized food recommended five: 枸杞, 枸杞 枸杞 枸杞 维生素 维生素 维生素 维生素 vitamins, iron, phosphorus and other minerals, as well as beneficial to the human body 枸杞 proteoglycan.

Modern medical research has found that alfalfa polysaccharide can reduce serum alanine aminotransferase, which is beneficial to the repair of liver damage, and can inhibit the small amount of liver cell sedimentation and promote liver cell regeneration.

  Chinese medicine believes that the taste of sputum is sweet, flat, liver, kidney, and has the effect of nourishing the liver and eyesight. It is often used together with herbs such as chrysanthemum and rehmannia.

Whether it is dry or dipped in water, it is a good way to raise the liver.

The eucalyptus leaves also have the same function as the scorpion, and can be used for cooking or soup.

A simmered leaf broth can drink the taste of spring.

  Liver food recommended six: honey and honey outside the intestines, but also has a protective effect on the liver, providing energy for the liver’s metabolic activities, inhibiting the formation of mild liver.

Patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis often eat honey to nourish the liver and even soften the already hardened liver.

  Want to maintain a good liver, in addition to pay attention to diet, but also to change the two most harmful habits of excessive drinking and long-term staying up late, so as not to aggravate liver compliance, leading to self-healing of hypertension, stimulating liver damage.