Liposuction shaping new method resonance liposuction

Liposuction shaping new method resonance liposuction

Resonance liposuction is a new liposuction technique following vacuum liposuction, ultrasonic cellulite, and electronic delipidation. Only a few millimeters of minimally invasive pinholes can be used to remove excess light.

Mainly by the resonance principle, the pipette under the control of the computer fuzzy program generates mechanical resonance waves with the same natural frequency of the companion cells, selectively breaking up the tiny cells without resonating the skin, blood vessels and nerve tissue, effectively protecting the nerves.And blood vessels, greatly improving the effectiveness and safety of the operation.

  Advantages Easily extract excess feces from various parts, without damaging the body tissues, safe and reliable, slimming and immediate results, lasting effect does not rebound, does not affect normal life.

  The scope of application is wide and there are no absolute contraindications.

Up to the face and jaw, down to the trunk (such as the lower abdomen, back, waist, buttocks) and limbs, almost all of the body’s aunt can be removed.

  The degree of pain and the advanced inflation anesthesia technique in the liposuction process, the whole process without any pain.

  The wound is small and concealed, no need to open the knife.

  Resonance liposuction is a weight loss method that dissolves and excretes fecal cells.

It can not only quickly absorb liposuction, but also achieve the effect of accurately positioning and losing weight according to the part. It can completely solve the problem of congenital obesity, due to lack of exercise, bad eating habits, endocrine disorders, disturbance of work and disturbance caused by the imbalance of local micro-distributed body proportion.