[Can gynecological arthritis eat bacon]_Gynecological disease_Can you eat

[Can gynecological arthritis eat bacon]_Gynecological disease_Can you eat

Every time when it ‘s the Chinese New Year, every family has all the bacon prepared. The bacon is a kind of air-dried meat. This kind of meat is different from ordinary pork, it will be very chewy, and the taste is very glutinous.It can be eaten by the elderly and children, but there are also many taboos during eating bacon. Patients with gynecological inflammation do not have to eat a little.

The average person eats it, the elderly avoid it; the stomach and duodenal ulcer patients fast.

If you temporarily let go of the “taste”, from the perspective of nutrition and health, bacon is really not a suitable food for many people, especially patients with chronic diseases such as high blood lipids, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and elderly friends.

First of all, the aunt’s content of bacon is very high.

From a weight point of view, the residual content of 100 grams of bacon is as high as 50%; in addition, bacon also contains a considerable amount of cholesterol-123 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams, which is 50% higher than pork!

Much evidence suggests that saturated adults and plasma are the “risk factors” for hyperlipidemia.

First, bacon has a lot of nutritional losses.

During the production process, many vitamins and trace elements in the meat are almost lost, such as vitamin B1.

Vitamin B2.

Niacin, vitamin C and other contents are allowed to be zero.

It can be said that bacon is a “dual nutritional imbalance” food.

The adverse health effects of this double imbalance can also be “worse.”

Third, bacon has a high salt content.

The sodium content of 100 grams of bacon is nearly 800 milligrams, which is several times the average amount of pork.

Long-term consumption of bacon in large quantities virtually results in excessive salt content, which may increase or lead to increased or fluctuated blood pressure.

Therefore, for friends with high blood lipids, scientific choice and consumption of fats are very important.

Although eating a lot of fat is bad for your health, it is not advisable not to eat oil at all.

The daily diet optionally allows monounsaturated fatty acid-based vegetable oils, such as olive oil, tea oil, etc., to help reduce “bad cholesterol” and increase “good oxides.”

However, even the best “oil” must be eaten in moderation, 20-25 grams per day is enough.

Because bacon is a pickled food, it contains a lot of salt, so you ca n’t eat it every meal; this exceeds the maximum salt intake of the human body every day; so you think of a recipe to regulate your life;The salt content of the meat can be eaten more; at the same time, you can enjoy the simple flavor of bacon.

Bacon contains a large amount of nitrite and is an important carcinogen.